Benefits and Insights

Why use Signority?

Key differentiators & advantages of Signority

  • Multiple Signing Methods
    Access the site from anywhere using any major browser. It requires no downloads or IT maintenance. Then choose your signing requirement. You can create a document, a template, or a link to sign. Visit How It Works to take a closer look at each signing method!

  • User Friendly
    Our easy-to-use software lets users coordinate, process then archive their transactions. From start to finish, it’s that simple. Need changes made to a document? Our powerful field editing tools let you edit and design your documents flexibly. We also actively gather feedback to make our product work even better for you.

  • Real Time Status Updates
    Stay on top of the signing process with email alerts. Signatories are alerted when it is time to sign and then you are updated via email once the document has been signed.

  • Deadline Reminders
    Automatic deadline notification via email keeps all parties on schedule. You can also customize the email sent during the initial document process or send a follow-up email to remind recipients of the deadline.

  • Rich Document Editing
    Select your own font type, colour, and size. Our editing tools let you choose the specifications, for example some government forms specify ink must be black. Our system easily handles handwritten and typed name signatures, as well as date selection.

  • Administrating Documents On The Go
    We support iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and Android phones so you can sign on the go.

  • Traceability
    Signature certificates and document history are automatically generated. The certificate records the time, login user ID, IP address, document serial number, or bar code for document owners and recipients.

  • Accountability
    An audit trail is kept for every access, update, or disclosure of the document, or any part of it. This includes information about when and where the document was accessed, updated or disclosed, and the identity of the user or system performing the task.

  • Canadian Server Hosting
    Our data centres are located in Canada and we are fully compliant with the Canadian Privacy Act. Your sensitive data will remain confidential. There is added legal and regulatory protection by keeping our data centres in Canada, thus guaranteeing confidentiality under the protection of the Canadian Privacy Act.

  • Secure Signing
    Electronic signatures that are compliant with U.S. and international e-Signature laws. We use multiple level user ID authentication for login and secured communication with 256 bit SSL encryption protocol. We also offer PKI solution for enterprise customers.

  • Secure Storage
    All files are stored in bit format; the overlay of the bit file information makes your document readable only to authorized users.

  • Authentication
    Our multiple level recipient login system allows document owners and signers exclusive access through different ID authentications.

  • Peace Of Mind
    Our system administrators all have had Canadian government security clearance checks.