Benefits and Insights

Why use Secure E-Sign Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of Secure E-Sign Management

  • Dramatically Reduce Sign Times: Reduce the time it takes to sign a document from days or weeks to a matter of minutes. The longer a document requiring signatures sits on a person's desk or their fax machine, the less likely they may be to sign a document, which translates to lost sales. With DocVerify, get documents signed in just a few minutes.

  • Improve User Experience: Improve user experience, boost your customer or client satisfaction, and make your clients or customers very excited about signing documents by using DocVerify's E-Signature process. DocVerify eliminates the need and major inconvenience of having to print, sign, scan, and send documents in order to get them signed. Documents get signed with just a few simple clicks in minutes.

  • Streamlines Business: Integrating e-signatures speeds sales cycles, enables employees to find important documents faster, automates workflows, minimizes lost documents, and reduces operating costs.

  • Fast and Robust Integration: Integrating the E-Signature process into your own applications is as easy as 1-2-3 with DocVerify's API's. With the Easy Sign System add-on you can even have users sign documents directly from your own website or your mobile application.

  • Legal and Binding: All documents signed via DocVerify meet both domestic and international e-signature laws, are certified upon signature, and securely stored in the VeriVault so you always have an authenticated and protected copy of exactly what was signed.

  • Simple to Use: Upload a document and specify the recipients that need to sign. Instantly, recipients are notified that a document awaits their signature.With a single click, they can review and sign.The document is made available to all parties and securely stored.

  • Add Voice Verification to be Doubly Sure: For e-signature processes that require additional verification, you can integrate DocVerify's VeriVoice™ Verification solution. Now, in addition to e-signing a document, you can set up an automatic workflow that captures a signer's voice print and appends it to an e-signed document for an extra level of confidence