Benefits and Insights

Why use Formaliti Electronic Signatures?

Key differentiators & advantages of Formaliti Electronic Signatures

  • Electronic Signatures 
    The ability to sign documents on any device, anywhere, anytime, with no need for printing, scanning or posting.

  • Form Templates 
    Save time by creating form templates that are pre-filled with information. Templates can be updated at any time and shared with other users.

  • Field Lock Down 
    Full control over which fields your customers have access to. Fill in detail and control access by locking down fields so that the signers can’t change them.

  • Audit Trail 
    Get a real time view of all your outstanding forms. The Audit Trail is legally compliant tracking of all of your documents and it allows you to track progress of them at any time.

  • Legally Binding E-Signatures 
    In most countries electronic signatures are no different to hand-signed ones. Signers simply login to their email and accept the terms and conditions of the signing process to gain access to the paperwork online. A detailed audit trail including email address, timestamps, and IP addresses are appended to each document each time it’s accessed or a change is made.

  • In-Person Signing 
    Create and sign documents in-person on any connected device. Make a sale and have the customer sign right there. Your fulfilment team will be working on the order before you’ve even left the client’s premises. There’s no need to email the forms and the signed copy will be emailed to the client.

  • Automatic Reminders 
    Set an automatic reminder on any document you send and relax while Formaliti does the follow up work for you.

  • Automated Sharing 
    When forms are marked as completed they can automatically be sent to anyone who needs a copy – without any thinking or remembering by you.

  • Form and Activity Visibility 
    All users will be able to see where their paperwork is at any stage. Administrators can view forms out for signing, those signed and waiting final approval, expired and completed forms at the press of a button. You know exactly where workflow is at any stage of the process.