Benefits and Insights

Why use DocuSign for Salesforce?

Key differentiators & advantages of DocuSign for Salesforce

  • Close Business Faster
    DocuSign for SalesForce allows Salesforce customers to close business transactions more quickly. Simply, use your Salesforce login credentials to access DocuSign and send your Salesforce documents. Stakeholders can review contract information with the click of a button, and can approve a contract within a few minutes.

  • Leverage Data
    DocuSign for Salesforce supports virtually any type of document requiring signature from within accounts, contacts, opportunities, and any other standard or custom object. You can even leverage your account contact information and update your Salesforce records with DocuSign information.

  • Streamline Workflow Processes
    With support for complex routing rules and dynamic collaboration tools, DocuSign makes sending documents electronically for e-signatures as easy as sending a Salesforce email. Plus, you always have visibility and control into where contracts are in the process.

  • Save Time on Contract Creation
    Pre-populate document contents from existing SalesForce customer data. Create high-volume forms by dragging and dropping data fields directly from Salesforce, or use and save templates in DocuSign. No re-keying necessary.

  • DocuSign for SalesForce on Mobile
    DocuSign for is available anywhere, anytime, on any device. This means that you can download DocuSign onto your mobile device and add Salesforce login credentials. Signed documents can be set to be stored back in Salesforce upon completion, even if they didn't originate in!

  • Trust Each Transaction
    Our comprehensive e-signing process is designed to be fully compliant with all relevant legislation and guidelines including the federal ESIGN Act, state laws modeled after UETA, FFIEC guidelines for financial institutions, and Gramm-Leach-Biley. In fact, 99 of the Fortune 100 have used DocuSign to sign documents