Benefits and Insights

Why use CudaSign?

Key differentiators & advantages of CudaSign

  • Salesforce integration - Send and track documents without leaving With our integrations, you can pull data into documents from Salesforce, or populate your CRM with data from your documents after signature. Learn more or view on AppExchange.

  • Private cloud/on-premises deployment option - Run your own instance of CudaSign in your local environment, with complete control over your data. You can keep your data inside a country, inside a network, or open up ports to enable hybrid use cases. With CudaSign, you have complete control over your data.

  • Office365 integration - Sign, send, and track documents without leaving Office365. Our easy web application makes it easy to make the most of CudaSign and Office 365.

  • Single sign-on/LDAP - Integrate with your company’s LDAP or SSO service to provision users and control access.

  • Google Apps integration - Provision users and control access to CudaSign using Google Apps. Easily enable this feature from the Google Apps Marketplace.

  • Simple API - Our easy restful API and SDKs make it easy to extend CudaSign into your existing applications and control your data. People have integrated CudaSign into SAAS applications, their company portals, and on-premises software with ease.

  • Collecting form information - CudaSign has many different field types, allowing you to collect form information easily, and validate that the data matches your needs. Many customers use CudaSign without the need for a signature at all!

  • Collect signatures by email - Easily send others a link by email, allowing them to sign any document from any device. No login is required. Your signers simply click, complete and sign the document. We record the email validation I your audit trail as evidence of the transaction.

  • Mobile signing - Our top rated mobile app allows you to send documents for signature, or collect people’s signature in person. Our mobile app has been the top ranked eSignature application for over two years now, making it the right decision if you are comparing CudaSign to any other application.

  • Kiosk mode - Kiosk mode locks your iPad on a single template, allowing users to complete documents in a self service mode, without access to your account generally. This enables you to use CudaSign for registration stations, doctor’s front offices, or any other use case. Kiosk mode is one of many features unique to CudaSign.

  • Link to sign - Create a link to sign a template document which you can send or post anywhere, such as your website or in an email list. This is useful when they don’t know in advance whom you will send the document to.

  • Bulk send - Upload a CSV of email addresses to send a template-based document out for signing by many signers. Bulk send is useful when you are trying to collect a large number of signatures from a specific list of signers, up to 1,000 at a time.

  • Download by CSV - Download all metadeta and field content from a template into CSV format for easy reporting. This is useful when you are using CudaSign to collect data from customers, or you want to know who has signed a document.

  • Create teams - Create a team so you can view team members documents or share templates with your team. Teams enable administrators and legal teams more control over the users in their organization.

  • Reusable templates - Create templates so you can quickly initiate documents for signing. Templates are great for form documents, or documents that don’t need to change that much from time to time.

  • “Looks like ink” signatures - Our technology makes signatures "look like ink", ensuring that your documents are easily accepted everywhere. Our signatures have been accepted by millions of organizations including local, state, and federal governments worldwide.

  • Extremely secure - Barracuda is an industry leader security company, and we have a full security team constantly ensuring your data is safe. We encrypt all data in transit and at rest. We are the only eSignature company in the world who are a part of regular security conferences with a team of security researchers.