3 EDI Alternatives Changing the Way B2B Business is Done

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Exchanging data is an essential part of running a business.

No matter your industry, technology that allows you to securely transfer data such as purchase orders, invoices and shipping information is crucial to success. For the past 40+ years, EDI software has been at the forefront of system-to-system data exchange for organizations across the world.

What is EDI Software?

EDI, or electronic data interchange, has been a staple of business data exchange since the 70’s. It’s still used widely today by businesses of all sizes.

The reason why EDI has been so popular is that it allows businesses to improve their operating efficiency and quickly transfer data — even when working with external companies.

There are numerous reasons why businesses still choose to use EDI software. The biggest of those reasons include reduced error rates, reliability, accuracy and lower costs.

Alternatives to EDI

Even though EDI has been around for a long time, it won’t be the go-to option forever. Today, there are a number of vendors striving to improve the way EDI is used so that it meets the requirements that a modern business might have.

1 EDI Source

1 EDI Source is by no means a new solution. It’s been around for nearly 30 years, during which it’s established itself as one of the leading EDI solution providers. After all this time, it still offers robust features at an affordable price.

What makes 1 EDI Source stand out is its ability to adapt to the unique needs of each business. No matter the size or type of company, 1 EDI Source can be tailored to fit your requirements, providing extensive customization options.

The primary solution offered by 1 EDI Source is called EDI Headquarters, or EDI HQ. This is one of the premier EDI solutions on the market, as it allows its users to take complete control of their EDI processes.

EDI HQ simplifies operations by optimizing EDI visibility, allowing users to integrate their data and customize it according to specific industry needs.

It also enables companies to safely receive, send and integrate EDI data into their IT infrastructure without hindering its functionality. With EDI HQ, businesses can streamline the entire process of EDI data management, incorporating custom business logic and maintaining complete control of the data.

But what really separates EDI HQ from others is its customizability. The software solution has a fully-customizable operations dashboard, which can deliver insights on demand. This features ensures that you always have your finger on the pulse of your business.

There’s also a wide array of visibility options as well as customizable alerts, which help reduce the number of human errors.

EDI HQ even comes with a comprehensive EDI data mapping module. This module can transform EDI data in order to make sure that it meets your requirements. The data mapper’s intuitive interface makes it easy to make changes to your EDI data, so you’re always in control of your processes.


Babelway is one of the more innovative EDI software solutions out there. It’s a pioneer of the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) model that allows automated B2B data transfer.

The benefits of integrated B2B communications are well known, but there are also challenges such as security issues, maintenance, lack of flexibility and control limitations.

Compare Top EDI Software Leaders

Babelway’s iPaaS-based approach to integration, however, allows you to develop a solution that overcomes most of these hurdles. And it does so while providing an affordable and user-friendly solution.

Since integration is rapidly moving to the cloud, iPaaS is the perfect approach for seamlessly connecting on-premise and cloud-based services, matching the exact needs of each user.

With an iPaaS solution such as Babelway, companies can reap all the benefits of a versatile EDI solution. Users can quickly and securely transfer data and documents while managing trading partner relationships. And it does this without the need to install or maintain cotly, less flexible on-premise solutions.

You can access Babelway’s full capabilities from any computer via your web browser, wherever you might be. This is a huge plus in a business environment that requires managers to configure workflows, monitor EDI transactions and transfer data quickly.

With Babelway, you have the flexibility that allows you to integrate databases and information sources and applications, even if the databases are unrelated. Same goes for when your trading partners use multiple protocols to transfer data.


With TrueCommerce, you get one of the most comprehensive EDI solutions out there. It offers not only traditional EDI functionality but also extensive eCommerce features.

TrueCommerce can help you process orders and data across all channels, as it offers EDI, accounting and various eCommerce integrations. But that’s not the only reason why TrueCommerce is a solid choice.

While it comes with a robust list of features, TrueCommerce is mainly tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. It provides a complete solution, offering easy management of all EDI compliance requirements.

It also comes with e-invoicing, translation and supplier enablement integration, which helps companies quickly convert data into EDI formats.

Additionally, TrueCommerce supports a wide range of EDI integrations. Most of the leading ERP solutions are compatible, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage, NetSuite, SAP and many others.

Since it’s deployed in the cloud, you can access TrueCommerce any time, anywhere by logging in from a computer. Plus, you don‘t have to worry about backing up your data, updating the software or maintaining security because it’s all managed by the TrueCommerce.

One of the best features of TrueCommerce is its Transactional Manager. This is a web-based EDI translator that can turn raw data into readymade EDI documents.

Transactional Manager also provides built-in process controls that help prevent mistakes when entering customer data. It immediately sends notifications of incorrect documents before it transfers them. At the same time, Transactional Manager serves as a versatile, secure network for EDI document exchange.

But the thing that separates TrueCommerce from the competition is its world-class customer service, which ensures that users get the most out the platform and quickly sort out any issues.

Compare Top EDI Software Leaders

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