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Why use Valant?

Key differentiators & advantages of Valant

  • Save Time: By automating and speeding up tasks such as documentation and charting, Valant allows physicians to spend more time focusing on the patient rather than administrative burdens. Providers can access patient data in an instant right at their fingertips without spending time searching for paper files. In the end, physicians are able to treat clients quickly, which allows them to increase their daily traffic. 
  • Improve Health Outcomes: Valant helps improve healthcare outcomes by collecting data naturally, tracking it automatically and measuring a specific patient’s baseline. Additionally, structured screeners and questionnaires help physicians to better focus on face-to-face time with clients and provide greater treatment and diagnosis. 
  • Increase Revenue: Coming along with saving time and providing more accurate outcomes is the increase in revenue for your health organization. Physicians are able to focus more time on the patient, seeing more patients daily without sacrificing the quality of care provided. Additionally, tools to help with billing and financial management can help optimize your revenue opportunities. 
  • Improve Clinical Organization: Valant ensures client records are kept secure and easily accessible for your clinicians, with clinical tools to organize charts; improve note-taking; and measure, track and demonstrate outcomes. These tools help to streamline your organization’s workflow and improve overall accuracy regarding patient data. 
  • Get Paid Quicker: Insurance claims can be scrubbed of errors and submitted quicker than normal, leading to faster claim turnaround. Tools are available to reduce the number of accounts receivable and help you get reimbursed faster. 

Industry Expertise

Valant has been helping medical professionals provide greater healthcare since 2005. With many health organizations geared toward a specific treatment type, so too is Valant specializing in behavioral and mental health practices.

Key Features

  • Scheduling: Staff can manage practically every aspect of your practice from a customizable calendar. Appointments can be set in advance while color coding helps provide an easy visual reference. Navigation to a patient’s information is simple as well. 
  • E-Prescribing: Physicians are able to manage medications at any time from anywhere. They can check medications as well as refill and renew prescriptions right from the dashboard. This feature helps to reduce prescribing errors while also providing patients with automated alerts and notifications. 
  • Clinical Notes: Valant’s clinical notes help to create comprehensive patient notes while keeping the focus on the patient rather than the computer. This allows physicians to finish note-taking while in-session and then store those notes safely and securely. 
  • Treatment Planning: Valant’s treatment plan allows for collaboration, either between the clinician and the client or multiple clinicians. Providers can track updates, review dates and capture patient signatures as well. 
  • Billing and Reporting: Rather than entering information into multiple systems, Valant’s integrated billing is able to do so automatically, eliminating the tedious task of duplicating data over and over. This helps to increase the accuracy of information and saves your staff time while also making sure payments are collected, increasing revenue.  
  • Analytics: Valant provides insight to help manage both the quality of care that is provided as well as the financial status of your health organization. These tools help engage clients in their care, which helps lead to better clinical outcomes while finances can be tracked and reimbursement rates can be improved. 

Valant Suite Support

phonePhone: Valant provides phone support which can be reached at 888-282-8085 from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. Valant is not open on national holidays.
schoolTraining: Demos can be requested online by filling out a short questionnaire. Valant’s webpage also includes case studies and webinars to customers help gain more knowledge.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be submitted through Valant’s webpage. Contacts can leave their preferred contact method and select the category of their issue as well as provide details and comments about the problem. Up to three files, such as images or documents, can be uploaded with the ticket submission.

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