Benefits and Insights

Why use TrakCare?

Key differentiators & advantages of TrakCare

  • Better Decision Making: With shared workflows across numerous care settings, a unified patient record can be used across hospital departments, labs, primary care settings and more. Support capabilities and embedded analytics help provide you with all the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. 
  • Improved Patient Care and Experience: With more accurate diagnoses and treatment, patients can spend less time waiting on their physicians while avoiding unnecessary tests and appointments. Patients are enabled to take an active, participatory role in their overall healthcare. 
  • Expedited Benefits: Along with the preparation and implementation processes, TrakCare’s support team offers help navigating and familiarizing users with the system. Your health organization can quickly adapt and reap the benefits of your investment. 
  • Exceptional Customer Support: With 24/7 support as well as advisers in 15 countries, InterSystems prides themselves on fast service, responding within a half hour no matter what the means of communication are (phone, email, etc.). You get to decide when your issue is resolved, not your adviser, assuring you get the best customer service possible. 
  • Cost and Quality of Care: Embedded dashboards and single data models help clinicians and administrators fully understand the cost and quality of care. Built into the system are features for data quality control, audits and reporting. 

Industry Expertise

TrackCare is suitable for a variety of health organizations, serving single hospitals to nationwide networks throughout 25 countries. A variety of specialties (oncology, radiology, maternity, anesthesia, ICU and more) use TrakCare to improve their clinics’ safety, efficiency and patient experience.

Key Features

  • Electronic Patient Record: This feature manages your patient’s clinical and administrative information, such as demographics and medical history. The patient record is automatically updated with relevant data entered anywhere within TrakCare. Physicians can access patient information such as allergies, diseases and family history. 
  • Master Patient Index: The MPI allows physicians to record a patient’s sociodemographic information and track patients throughout an organization. As each patient is identified distinctively, information can be organized efficiently and can be accessed effortlessly when needed. 
  • Scheduling: Users can manage staff and equipment schedules in addition to booking and adjusting patient appointments. Patients are able to schedule appointments online, matching up their availability with that of their physician’s to find a time that is ideal for them. 
  • Community Health: Healthcare professionals can inch closer to providing the highest possible quality of care using community health. From patients’ homes and clinics to schools and commercial places, the necessary care and service can be delivered for all. 
  • Patient Billing: Patients can handle the billing process online, receiving invoices and notifications of any upcoming payments. Subfeatures of patient billing include payer policy coverage, record of charges, the ability to raise invoices, adjustments, and management of deposits and debtors. 
  • Referral and Waiting List Management: This feature allows users to create, review and process electronic as well as paper-based referrals from both internal and external sources. This helps your physicians prioritize referrals after they have been accepted, transfer them to a waiting list, book appointments and process admissions. 
  • Family Health: Made to maintain good health among individuals living together (families, partners, roommates, etc.), social and community healthcare programs promote services like prevention, rehabilitation, recovery and more. 
  • Clinical Notes: Physicians have a centralized space to enter clinical documents and initiate other clinical activities. Active clinical notes give users a timeline-based view of patient encounters and help locate any problems. 
  • Lab Enterprise: TrakCare’s Lab Enterprise integrates with lab equipment and connects with more than 400 labs in 25 countries to provide your lab with all the information needed to deliver quality care. It handles clinical verification, doctor report production, statistical analytics of data, maintenance records and more. 
In addition to these features, there are a variety of administrative and clinical extensions offered. For a complete list of TrakCare’s features and tools, visit InterSystems’ website.

InterSystems TrakCare Suite Support

Like we mentioned above, InterSystems provides 24/7 unlimited customer support. Information is protected and safeguarded while talking to trained experts.
mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available at any time with quick response times. Emails are provided on the company’s website.
phonePhone: Customers who phone for support will receive a reply within 30 minutes, if not immediately.
schoolTraining: InterSystems provides classroom and online learning courses to become certified with their technologies. They also offer hands-on training to provide a more user-centric experience.
local_offerTickets: Users can go online and submit requests for help or comments regarding less urgent matters.