Benefits and Insights

Why use Smartcare?

Key differentiators & advantages of Smartcare

  • Better Patient Treatment: With SmartCare’s EHR product, you can achieve a higher level of care for your patients. EHR software enables you to streamline their treatment and medical charting, reducing errors and increasing health-visibility. 
  • Document Efficiently: Documenting can be a significant source of errors. It impacts all levels of your practice — from billing to treatment to scheduling. SmartCare EHR lets you document effectively with pre-built notes, digital signature capture and portable records. 
  • Defensible Documentation: With smart coding and ICD-10 support, your billing and documentation are airtight and hold up to fiscal scrutiny. 
  • Save Costs on Deployment: Because the product is web-based, there’s no need to host a costly server or install it on your computers, saving you additional overhead costs. 

Industry Expertise

A product of Streamline Healthcare Solutions, SmartCare serves over 40 thousand users daily across 20 individual states. Some of its major clients include Indiana Behavioral Health Organizations, SalusCare, Choices Inc. and more.

Key Features

  • User-Specific Dashboards: These dashboards can display daily tasks and activities like patient treatment plans, billing schedules and more. 
  • Performance Monitoring: Built-in performance monitoring software (part of SmareCare’s EHR offering) allows supervisors to monitor the performance of clinicians and capitalize on new growth. 
  • Complete Practice Management Software: The included practice management software allows users to onboard patients, order new equipment, and schedule clinicians. 
  • Compliant: The software is compliant with HIPAA, and is ONC-AB certified. It also meets stage one and two meaningful-use standards, meaning you can take advantage of reimbursement programs. 
  • Built-In Messenger: The built-in messenger allows users to communicate with one another (from practice to patient or practice to practice). This feature is also HIPAA compliant. 

SmartCare EHR Suite Support

The company offers an on-call support specialist to its users, who handles a variety of support functions, including email, phone support, interfacing with developers and handling support tickets.
mail_outlineEmail: The company offers streamlined email support through its team of support specialists.
phonePhone: Streamline Healthcare offers free, after-hours 24/7 phone support.
schoolTraining: There are no training options available from the company, though they do offer webinars and support publications.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing options are unknown.

Pricing for EHR Software