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Key differentiators & advantages of Sevocity

  • Improve Patient Outcomes: With better software and charting features, you can provide up-to-date information for your clinicians, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. 
  • Generate Revenue: Improved patient outcomes mean you can generate additional revenue by keeping patients coming back to your clinic — either for routine checkups, procedures or consultations. 
  • Tailor-Made Solutions: Sevocity EHR offers specializations for 47 areas of medical specialty. If your specialty isn’t one of the 47 listed, you can request to have an EHR solution made for you. 
  • Fewer Errors: With custom notes and proper transcription services, the system provides a nearly error-free service and enables doctors to take more precise notes. 

Industry Expertise

In service since 1990, Sevocity has served a variety of customers throughout their history.

Key Features

  • Free Data Conversion: Getting patients out of old data and into new data is a consistent challenge for those adopting a new EHR platform. Sevocity EHR offers free data conversion/migration features to its users. You get access to patient record retention features, full demographic data, .bak files, PDFs and more. Sevocity will convert your legacy data free of charge. 
  • Easy Customization: The product is easy to customize, with a drag and drop interface for dashboards and pre-made custom reports. 
  • Add/Delete Users: System administrators can add/delete users at will. 
  • ONC Compliant: As of 2015, Sevocity EHR maintains its ONC compliance and meets meaningful use standards, so you can enjoy additional support from federal agencies. 
  • Free Bi-Directional Interface: Sevocity’s bidirectional interface enables you to report important records (such as immunization or disease status) to important federal and third-party agencies. This also allows patients to maintain their records from provider to provider. 
  • EPrescribing: EPrescribing tools allow clinicians to write prescriptions and then quickly send those scripts off to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. 
  • Coding Calculator: Alongside its robust billing features, Sevocity also offers an easy coding calculator so that you can properly code a patient’s chart for billing. 

Sevocity EHR Suite Support

Sevocity offers a live, US-based support team, available 24/7. Every customer receives their standard customer support services at no charge. They offer many additional services on top of those listed below, such as automatic product updates, tier IV redundant storage, availability guarantee and free system customization

mail_outlineEmail: There are no email support options at this time.
phonePhone: Their US-based support team handles phone support inquiries 24/7. This is included with their standard support plan.
schoolTraining: The company offers monthly online web training.
local_offerTickets: The company doesn’t offer any support ticketing options at this time.

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