Benefits and Insights

Why use PrognoCIS?

Key differentiators & advantages of PrognoCIS

  • Patient Insurance Benefit: It quickly identifies and confirms patient insurance benefit eligibility level and copay.  
  • Clearinghouses: PrognoCIS works with many clearinghouses for faster payouts and settlements.  
  • Manage Accounting Books: It helps efficiently manage the accounting books. It easily reconciles patient accounting and insurance billing.  
  • Payments: It allows for quick and easy online patient payments and EOB/ERA processing.  
  • Customized Statements: Its reports are highly customizable according to the needs of the practice.  
  • Effective Billing: It creates a system that allows for easily accessible and documentable communication. Claims are not lost between billers and staff; the claims are always on hand and actionable.  

Industry Expertise

PrognoCIS provides two kinds of software: EHR and Practice Management. The EHR integrates seamlessly with its practice management software, thus allows for quick and easy billing management, enabling the practice to combine EHR workflow and payment collections into a simple, single source. It also assists in provider enrolment and becoming an in-network provider so that the practice can receive reimbursements from each carrier.

Key Features

  • Task Assignment: The Task Assignment feature of the billing module creates a comprehensive and easy-to-use financial system for clients.  
  • Expedited Claims Processing: The integrated services ensure accurate information, essential for claims processing. Instead of having to contact doctors about claims and medical records, billers can get to the records directly.  
  • Transparency for Providers: Doctors can review the financial side of their practice, not just medical records. Providers can check their claims/AR at any time, giving them control over their finances.  
  • Information Submittal is Efficient and Time-Saving: The integrated solution allows for information such as insurance, protected health information and CPT charge codes to be entered automatically.  

PrognoCIS Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Provider support can be reached at [email protected] EHR, Medical Billing and RCM sales can be reached at [email protected]
phonePhone: EHR software, Medical Billing and Sales can be reached at 1-877-693-6748. Provider support can be reached at 1-800-552-3301.
local_offerTickets: A support case can be raised at Product demos can be requested by submitting the details on a form on the website.

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