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Key differentiators & advantages of Prime Suite

  • Drive Performance: Prime Suite’s technologies allow you to optimize your practice’s performance to keep patients healthy and returning for critical procedures or routine checkups. 
  • Freedom of Mobility: Prime Suite enables you to work from anywhere across any device, with their mobile app, Prime Mobile. 
  • Interoperability: You can take your patient’s healthcare records anywhere and import them to any number of alternative EHR systems. 
  • Fewer Clicks, More Revenue: Moving between charting, noting, flowsheets, ordering and care is simplified. By saving yourself and your patients’ time, you can keep them coming back for the quality of your care. 
  • Specialty Specific: With the ability to tackle any specialty, Prime Suite is adaptable to professionals operating in spaces like behavioral health, gastroenterology, eyecare and more. 

Industry Expertise

The company boasts a 98% overall satisfaction rate and was named a 2019 integrity “best in klas” technology. Greenway, Prime Suite’s parent company, has been in service since 2013.

Key Features

  • More than 4,000 Customizable Clinical Templates: Prime Suite comes with more than 4,000 pre-made (and customizable) clinical templates. 
  • Clinical Alerts: Clinical alerts enable you to intervene on behalf of patients who classify as “high risk.” 
  • Rapid Access to Data: With access to historical data across different EHR systems, you have rapid access to important clinical data, patient history and clinical documentation. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with different regulations is a critical feature of EHR solutions. Prime Suite is compliant with several different regulations, including HIPAA. 
  • Dictation: Dictation features allow clinicians to take notes without manually entering information. This can help reduce transcription errors, which plague the medical industry. 
  • Robust Analytics: More than 500 reports and 15 different dashboards are available for users. These dashboards can track practice performance and provide even more advanced features like exporting to CMSs and group reporting. 
  • Population Health: Greenway Community, Prime Suite’s population health management software, comes loaded with features to help manage the health of large segments of populations. It can assist in establishing care plans, tracking patient metrics, manage reimbursement and billing and connect to multiple databases to preload information like diseases, prescriptions and drug interactions. 
  • Online Patient Portal: Online patient portals enable both clinicians and patients to access their health care records from anywhere. These portals can also be used to store clinical notes and documentation. 
  • Medical Practice Management: Prime Suite’s practice management features allow you to streamline important parts of managing a practice. You can centralize billing with its integrated clearinghouse services, access and code patient information for easy billing and create, submit, and follow up on at-risk claims with its revenue cycle management tools. 
  • Professional Services: RYour team can receive personalized and advanced training from Prime Suite’s award-winning support staff. 

Prime Suite EHR Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: The company does not currently offer any email support options.
phonePhone: Calling 877-932-6301 will put you in touch with a support agent, though available times will vary. You’re instead encouraged to take advantage of their professional services.
schoolTraining: Via the company’s professional services, you can obtain advanced and specialized training. They offer long term setup, support and consultation. Support specialists will also adapt to your specific operating schedule, so available times are varied. Apart from their professional services offering, they also have a robust knowledge library, featuring whitepapers, webinars, user documentation, infographics, podcasts and more.
local_offerTickets: For support issues, you should visit the online support portal and log in. Turnaround times for issues are currently unknown.

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