Benefits and Insights

Why use Practice Fusion?

Key differentiators & advantages of Practice Fusion

  • More Accurate Treatment and Diagnosis: By documenting medical information electronically rather than on paper, patient information is less susceptible to handwriting and legibility mistakes. Practice Fusion can also provide health analytics to help recognize patient patterns and recommend treatment. As a result, physicians are able to provide proper patient treatment the first time around. 
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Like many other EHR software solutions, Practice Fusion allows practitioners to increase their revenue without sacrificing quality service or care. Physicians can get through patient visits more quickly by spending less time recording and pulling up charts — templates and automatic favorite lists can be saved to speed up the process. 
  • Patient Involvement: Using the patient portal feature, patients are encouraged to be more engaged throughout the treatment process. Patients can view their medical history, exchange messages with physicians and create customized health plans online. 
  • Full Certification: Practice Fusion meets essentially every available EHR certification requirement — ICD-10 codes, meaningful use, ONC, HIPAA compliance, etc. Practice Fusion continuously monitors the medical industry for any changes and provides automatic updates. 
  • Risk-Free Implementation: Practice Fusion offers a free trial, so you can try out the software before buying. Implementation is relatively quick, with minimal disruption to your health facility. Users can elect to learn the EHR themselves or receive personalized one-on-one training to help customize the software to fit individualized needs. 

Industry Expertise

Geared toward smaller, independent practices, Practice Fusion EHR serves 6.4% of all ambulatory practices in the US, supporting over 30,000 medical facilities. Additionally, over 43 million clinical records have been documented using Practice Fusion.

Key Features

  • Charting: Practice Fusion makes charting more efficient, with specialty-specific templates and automatic favorite lists available to physicians. Rather than memorizing codes, practitioners can search for diagnosis codes by keyword. Physicians are also able to track a patient’s health data over time to monitor treatment progress. 
  • Scheduling: Practice Fusion’s easy scheduling lets patients manage appointments online. Additionally, the EHR can automatically send out reminders to patients regarding any upcoming visits. For patients with chronic illnesses or conditions, recurring appointments can also be managed automatically. 
  • E-Prescribing: Order and send prescriptions anywhere and everywhere by using e-prescribing. Practice Fusion can manage medical orders, refill requests and pharmacy communication electronically. Using the EHR’s 2-click prescription refill tool, physicians can quickly and easily take care of refill requests for any recurring medications. 
  • Patient Portal: In addition to scheduling appointments and checking-in online, patients can use Practice Fusion during and after their visits to look at medical information and view lab results. Patients can access education materials as well as population health information to help them gain a stronger knowledge of their health and treatment. 
  • Billing and Payment: Billing and payment processes can be handled almost entirely with Practice Fusion. For example, patients can receive billing statements and update payment information while physicians are able to create superbills by automatically pulling information from chart notes. This EHR can be used to verify insurance providers as well as scrub claims of any errors before being submitted, assuring payment is received. 
  • Labs and Imaging: Practice Fusion allows integration with your labs and imaging centers. The EHR connects to LabCorp, Quest and hundreds of other labs, while imaging services like X-ray, CT Scan, Ultrasound, MRI and more can also be integrated. 

Practice Fusion Suite Support

Practice Fusion EHR comes with unlimited phone, email and live chat support for your entire health organization, allowing users to speak directly with specialists and receive quality support.
mail_outlineEmail: Practice Fusion allows customers to email support at any time, expecting to hear back either the same or next day depending on the time of day the email was sent out.
phonePhone: This solution provides phone support, which is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST. Customers can speak with a live specialist about any issues or questions they may have.
schoolTraining: Practice Fusion offers a help center to provide instant support answers for common issues. Additionally, the website contains video tutorials, live webinars and release notes to help learn more about new features, functionality changes and more.
local_offerTickets: Customers can submit help tickets regarding any problems or concerns with the EHR online. Practice Fusion’s support team responds within one hour for critical issues and on the same day for non-critical issues.

Practice Fusion Reviews

The following reviews for Practice Fusion are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Healthcare / Social Services
2 - 9
Software Advice
Bare Bones
It gets the job done... It covers the basics and is available online. It ports to billing software, and labs can send results, for a price.
1) Customer service is hardly available - phone call takes 1 hour hold. Tickets and emails don't result in solutions, just lots of back and forth. 2) Restrictive license agreement is not flexible for adding/removing providers from your practice 3) It's very bare bones - gets the basics, but not eloquently or intuitively. 4) Did I mention customer support for a paid product should be supportive? and it is not.
eh. It gets the job done, but it's not a joy to use or to work with their customer service. There are lots of features that could be easily added/fixed/adapted, but they won't do it. They roll out new versions without extensive beta testing, so there are always new bugs for features that used to work.
Healthcare / Social Services
2 - 9
Lousy customer service
Fairly intuitive. Other than that, the negatives outweigh the positives.
They have absolutely horrible customer service.
Our training rep was gone for many weeks during our time limited training period. While he was gone, we had no one to speak with. When REP returned, if we ever heard back from him, it was several days after the fact. He would say that he was too busy because of all the calls that had accumulated. No kidding, that's generally what happens when you take so much time off. The last straw with him was when we had him trying to solve an issue for us that lasted several weeks. He finally just gave up and said that it wasn't his problem. Then I find out that the prescription format is illegal in my state. "Dispense as written" must be on the bottom left and in PF it is reversed. I've filed multiple tickets on this simple issue, and get no valid response. It's now been 6 weeks, and my emails now just go unanswered.
Healthcare / Social Services
2 - 9
I have never used this software but I am stuck paying for it thanks to the fraudulent business model that this company follows to gain revenue
I signed up for Practice Fusion on March 21st 2019. Due to pending litigation I was forced to delay the opening of my clinic and sent in a email as well as physical copy of cancellation notice on April 10th (well within the 30 day time window for cancellation without charge. Despite several attempts to cancel service, The company continues to bill me citing I had a year long obligation even though their contract clearly states that I can cancel within the first 30 days of signing up without any obligations. I recently received a notice that my account is being sent to collections in June 2019. I am trying to reach the company to find out why I am still being charged without any response from them. It seems their business model is to sign people up and keep charging them even after cancellation on one pretext or another. Horrible customer service and business practice! Judging by other customer reviews of bad quality product I would dissuade anyone from signing up for their subscription software!
Horrible customer service and business practice! Judging by other customer reviews of bad quality product I would dissuade anyone from signing up for their subscription software! Would not recommend signing up for this software subscription to anyone.
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