Benefits and Insights

Why use PatientClick?

Key differentiators & advantages of PatientClick

  • Physician Friendly: PatientClick is designed to reduce manual data entry and save practitioners’ time. It provides a one-click view of patient data, financial reports and graphs and Meaningful Use data.
  • Improved Security: Since PatientClick is HIPAA compliant, it removes the risk of storing patient information and data at the practice’s location. All the patient data is stored in the cloud and is accessible only via SSL web browsers. 
  • Customizable: It supports custom layouts to fit a practice’s workflow. It also has pre-designed templates for popular specialties, that can be used as they are or modified to fit user requirements. 
  • Accessible Online Forms: PatientClick converts a practice’s existing forms into digital formats so that patients can fill them online. 
  • Interoperability: It supports electronic data exchange, thus facilitating interoperability and connecting physicians and patients. It securely exchanges health data with other healthcare practices. 
  • Customizable Reporting: PatientClick makes it easy to create reports of patient data based on their diagnoses, ICD codes, laboratory test results, prescriptions or other patient details. 

Industry Expertise

PatientClick’s expertise lies in providing templates and custom forms for approximately 40+ specialties. It is platform-independent, supports EHR/EMR integration and has options for telemedicine, medical billing and practice management. It can be customized to a practice’s workflow. It’s Meaningful Use and Dragon (voice-to-text) certified.

Key Features

  • Scheduling: PatientClick has an intuitive calendar that helps manage physicians’ schedules across multiple offices and providers. It has a drag and drop capability that allows users to change schedules and default time. 
  • Clinical Documents: It supports progress notes. This module helps physicians write customized encounter notes. It also duplicates patient’s last prescription and notes, saving time. 
  • E-Prescriptions: PatientClick e-Rx has the capability to fill prescriptions automatically, reducing the risk of inaccurately filled prescriptions. It also checks for drug interaction — drug-drug, drug-allergy and drug-age — when physicians prescribe medicines, thus increasing patient security. This feature qualifies practices for Medicaid and Medicare incentives. 
  • Lab Interface: Its lab interface organizes both the test ordering and record-keeping process. When practices receive patient test results, the EHR gets automatically populated. It is compatible with some of the most popular labs in the country. 
  • Meaningful Use Dashboard: Its Meaningful Use (MU) dashboard tracks and monitors the practice’s performance on a regular basis. It tracks information in real time so that providers can easily fix MU requirements. 
  • Telemedicine: PatientClick Virtual Visit allows physicians to get in touch with patients online. It enables monitoring patients virtually for long term care. 
  • Transcription: It has a dictation feature to increase physician efficiency. It supports importing transcription and exporting dictation for quick review. 
  • Medical Billing: With billing features, users can submit insurance claims online, interact with clearing houses and track claims status. It also helps users track and manage both primary and secondary claims.
  • Easy Chart Notation: It provides nine ways to write chart notes within the EHR. Users can create encounter reports and other medical documents using this capability.


As of this review, these limitations are current:
  • Mobile App does not host enough features to be used during rounds 
  • MIPS reporting and audit logs are not available
  • It is slow and does not load immediately 

PatientClick Support

mail_outlineEmail: For support and sales inquiries, users can write to [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can call +1 (877) 901-9990 for sales and support.
schoolTraining: PatientClick provides in-person live online training to key personnel. Training documentation is also available.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing support isn’t available at this time.

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