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Benefits and Insights

Why use Optum?

Key differentiators & advantages of Optum

  • Improve Quality of Care: With analytics and other helpful tools, Optum helps your physicians to provide the greatest care possible. By comparing patient data, health and behavioral patterns can be recognized to help give more accurate treatment and diagnosis. 
  • Optimize Productivity and Efficiency: In addition to providing greater-quality healthcare, physicians can also do so in less time, which enables them to see more patients and increase your facility’s daily traffic. Additionally, tools to help manage revenue and billing allow your staff to focus more time treating patients and less time dealing with clerical work. 
  • Enable Growth: Optum’s scalability allows your health organization to increase the number of clients without sacrificing the quality of your EHR’s performance. This system enables your organization to grow without outgrowing your software solution in the process. 
  • Increase Revenue: Somewhat of a byproduct of improving productivity, efficiency and quality of care increases the money that your facility brings in. Aside from this, patients can make payments easily by doing so online. 
  • Patient Involvement: With Optum, patients are encouraged to play a larger role when it comes to their healthcare and treatment. Patients can communicate with their physicians and view their medical history online as well as book and manage appointments themselves. 

Industry Expertise

Optum is used by a variety of medical clinics and specialties in over 150 countries throughout the world. Over 32,000 physicians and medical professionals are connected using Optum.

Key Features

  • Pharmacy Care Services: OptumRx helps physicians improve their prescribing and helps patients receive the most effective medication at the best possible cost. Physicians can also precheck and authorize medications in real time. 
  • Healthcare Delivery: This solution allows healthcare providers to focus more on caring for their patients and less dealing with tedious tasks. Physicians are able to provide higher-quality primary care, specialty care and post-acute care while also optimizing their efficiency and lowering costs. 
  • Data and Health Analytics: Optum helps to improve care by providing physicians with data-driven assistance at the point of care. The software is able to automatically recognize high-cost and high-risk patients while also acquiring patients by linking consumer and clinical data. Physicians can access trends and insights based on patient results.  
  • Population Health: This feature engages your health organization’s unique population by using insights from data and analytics to help improve health outcomes and lower costs. With a connected network of over 800 Centers of Excellence for treatment of complex conditions, unique medical cases can be treated with greater knowledge from the get-go. 
  • Advisory Services: Optum’s advisory services helps provide guidance and insights for your healthcare providers to help them deal with their biggest challenges. These services can help to empower your health system, increase revenue, engage customers and improve the quality of care provided. 
  • Individual and Family Solutions: With different solutions to help manage healthcare, prescriptions and spending, Optum enables individuals and families to save money while having a greater part in their overall health. 

Optum Suite Support

phonePhone: A list of phone numbers for support are provided on Optum’s website, such as pharmacy, behavioral health, financial services and more. Support can be reached at 1-866-386-3404.
schoolTraining: Optum offers training curriculum to help health organizations get the most out of their software.
local_offerTickets: Clients and providers are able to sign in to Optum online to submit help requests. Sales inquiries can also be filled out electronically.

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