Benefits and Insights

Why use Optum?

Key differentiators & advantages of Optum

  • Improve Quality of Care: Provide quality care with analytics and other helpful tools to compare patient data, health and behavioral patterns for more accurate treatment and diagnosis. 
  • Optimize Productivity and Efficiency: With greater quality healthcare in less time, physicians can see more patients daily. Tools to help manage revenue and billing allow the staff to focus more on treating patients and less on dealing with clerical work. 
  • Enable Growth: Increase the number of clients without sacrificing the quality of treatment, with a solution that grows alongside the expanding needs of a practice. 
  • Increase Revenue: Improved productivity, efficiency and quality of care increases revenue. Patients can also make online payments easily. 
  • Patient Involvement: Patients can communicate with physicians, view their medical history online, and book and manage appointments to play a larger role in their own treatment. 

Industry Expertise

Optum is used by a variety of medical clinics and specialties in over 150 countries throughout the world. It connects thousands of physicians and medical professionals.

Key Features

Optum offers a host of services and tools that cater to a wide range of healthcare needs, as listed below:

  • Pharmacy Care Services: OptumRx helps physicians improve their prescribing and helps patients receive the most effective medication at the best possible cost. Physicians can also precheck and authorize medications in real time. 
  • Healthcare Delivery: Provide quality primary care, specialty care and post-acute care by focusing more on treating the patients while also optimizing efficiency and lowering costs. 
  • Data and Health Analytics: Automate recognition of high-cost and high-risk patients with data-driven assistance at the point of care. Acquire patients by linking consumer and clinical data and access insights based on patient results. 
  • Population Health: Improve health outcomes and lower costs by using insights from data and analytics. A connected network of over 800 Centers of Excellence enables treatment with greater knowledge from the get-go. 
  • Advisory Services: Insights help healthcare providers against their biggest challenges so they can and empower the health system, increase revenue, engage customers and improve the quality of care.nbsp;
  • Individual and Family Solutions: Individuals can save money while having a greater part in their overall health with different solutions for healthcare, prescriptions and spending. 
  • Claims Administration: Promotes payment integrity with features to edit inaccurate claims, appropriately price bills, assess bill details, recover overpayments and prevent inaccurate billing. 
  • Optum Bank: Makes paying for treatment easier and more efficient with innovative payments solutions, leading to reduced costs without compromising on healthcare quality. Includes: 
    •  Health accounts for employees. 
    •  Hassle-free payment solutions for better healthcare. 
    •  Health account education with courses to educate employees to become better healthcare consumers. 
  • Optum360: Examine opportunities across the revenue cycle to increase margins and prepare for value-based reimbursement. Offers: 
    •  A patient financial experience that places them in the center of the revenue cycle. 
    •  A/R recovery and denial management to improve payment recovery. 
    •  Claims integrity and processing for quick and efficient claims and reimbursement. 
    •  Document and coding to help staff drive financial results proactively. 
  • Risk and Quality Solutions: Driven from the largest Medicare Advantage database in the industry. 
    • Retrospective Solutions: Improves accuracy and completeness with industry analytics. 
    • Prospective Solutions: Standardizes processes on behalf of multiple payers for better patient treatment. 
    • Improving Outcomes: Drives outcomes while reducing costs with people, technology and clinical insights. 


    User feedback at the time of this review indicates that some of the product limitations include:

    •  Not cost-effective for the features offered. 
    •  Runs slower for larger practices. 
    •  Lack of helpful customer support. 

    Suite Support

    mail_outlineEmail: [email protected]
    phonePhone: A list of phone numbers for support are available on the website.
    schoolTraining: Optum offers a training curriculum to help users get the most out of the software.
    local_offerTickets: Sign in to Optum online to submit help requests.

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