Benefits and Insights

Why use Meditech?

Key differentiators & advantages of Meditech

  • Fewer Errors: Document information electronically to avoid handwriting and legibility errors, ensuring that the information is correct and easily understandable. 
  • More Accurate Treatment: Access a patient’s medical history to recognize patterns and help predict diagnosis for more accurate and effective treatment. 
  • More Patient Engagement: Patients can book appointments, pre-register and answer pre-visit questionnaires. It also supports remote patient monitoring and virtual patient visits. 
  • Security of Information: Secure sensitive medical documents against misplacement, tampering, destruction or theft. Only certain users have access to patient data. 
  • 24/7 Support: Data backups, recovery management, mobile access, regular upgrades and ongoing maintenance are handled by a 24/7 support team. 
  • Quick Implementation: Reduce manual tasks with Expanse Virtual Assistant, a simple and touchless way to access data. This voice-controlled tool greatly boosts physician efficiency. 

Industry Expertise

MEDITECH serves a variety of healthcare facilities around the world, with EHR solutions developed specifically for Canada, the UK and Ireland, South Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Key Features

  • Data Documentation: Document and chart a patient’s data to spend valuable time focusing on patients. Users only have to document a patient’s information once, then that information is stored for future use. 
  • Population Health: Recognize local trends and improve the health outcomes of individuals by gathering and comparing medical data from a number of students. This improves the overall healthcare for all patients. 
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Offers revenue cycle management, along with business and clinical analytics to analyze and compare health facility performance. 
  • Nurse and Specialty Care: Enables nurses and other practitioners to provide care in the patient’s home. Features also support oncology, critical care, surgical services, and labor and delivery. 
  • Patient Portal: Patients can set face-to-face appointments and ask questions online using MHealth. 
  • Interoperability: Enables a seamless flow of data between systems for greater accuracy and efficiency. Available with Expanse EHR, it offers one view for sharing clinical data, one touch record access and one step exchange orders with acute hospitals. 
  • Mobility: View real time patient data, prioritize and sort summaries, access documentation capabilities, and more. Also includes: 
    • Mobile Phlebotomy: Displays a real-time list of specimens awaiting collection. Integrates with both centralized and decentralized collection facilities. 
    • iPhone Health Records: View allergies, lab results, medications and more with Health Records on iPhone, which syncs with the patient portal. 


At the time of this review, user feedback suggests that some of the product limitations include:

  • Doesn’t offer support features like insurance verification, faxing and freehand charting.
  • Limited built-in templates.
  • Challenging integration process.
  • Can’t customize a worklist or prioritize patients.

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Not mentioned. Log in to the customer service portal to request assistance.
phonePhone: 781-821-3000, available 24/7.
schoolTraining: Online tutorials, classroom training self-training and train-the-trainer are available.
local_offerTickets: No info available.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • On-premise: One-time license fee to own the software
  • Cloud-based: Subscription-based pricing - per user, per month
Maintenance Cost
  • On-premise:
    • Cost is included in the subscription fee
  • Cloud-based:
    • Cost is included with monthly subscription fee
    • No maintenance charges to be paid by the users
Installation/Implementation Cost
  • On-premise: Additional implementation fee
  • Cloud-based: Cost included in the subscription fee
Customization Cost
  • Cost of customization will vary based on the functional requirements or features added based on each facility's unique needs
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  • For both cloud-based and on-premise, cost will vary depending on the type of data and the amount of which is being migrated and validated
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • On-premise: Fees for additional licenses purchased
  • Cloud-based: Cost is equal to the monthly subscription fee, based on the number of users, customization and training courses taken

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