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Why use McKesson EMR?

Key differentiators & advantages of McKesson EMR

  • Flexibility: McKesson EMR is suitable for healthcare organizations of every size. Specialties like oncology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and neurology are all supported and can be customized to the EMR. 
  • Save Money: With Onmark specialty group purchasing, members can get the best possible pricing on drug purchases. Facilities can save money on therapeutic options like oncology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, neurology and more specialties.
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution: Your health organization has access to a vast list of prescription and OTC medications and other pharmaceutical products. These include brand name and generic drugs, specialty drugs for physician practices, vaccines and more. 
  • Manage Inventory: All of your health facility’s inventory can be tracked using McKesson. The use of specialty equipment can be managed while the amount prescription and OTC drugs can be viewed and alert users when something is running low or needs to be replaced. 
  • Patient Experience: Aside from getting in and out of the doctor’s office faster, patients receive greater care and treatment. Patients can communicate with their physicians and view lab results online. 
  • Secure Information: Storing a patient’s medical information on McKesson’s servers rather than in physical filing cabinets protects sensitive data. Only certain users are permitted access to a patient’s file. 

Industry Expertise

McKesson has been involved with healthcare in the United States for over 180 years. Over time, what started out as a wholesale drug and chemicals business has turned into a leading health information solution through shifts in focus as well as acquisitions. McKesson supports a wide range of health facilities in North America and Europe, from specialty clinics to larger hospital administrations.

Key Features

  • Infusion Management: McKesson’s intraFUSION tool allows practitioners to provide higher quality care and improve patient outcomes with increased patient compliance. Over 20 core therapies for outpatient treatment are offered with intraFUSION. Additionally, its transparent drug purchasing allows you to get the lowest drug pricing possible, while bringing up any discounts you may benefit from. 
  • In-Office Drug Dispensing: With self-administered medication dispensing, practitioners have more control over the treatment process. Physicians can dispense oral and self-injectable medications at the point of care, making it very convenient for patients. 
  • Patient Management: McKesson allows physicians to chart and document patient information that can be accessed whenever, wherever. Clinicians can easily pull up a patient’s history, demographics, diagnoses, allergies, medication and more electronically.  
  • Claims Reimbursement: McKesson handles nearly every aspect of the billing and payment process. Insurance providers are automatically verified and claims are looked over and scrubbed of any errors which could lead to delayed reimbursement. McKesson lets you get paid faster without missing out on revenue to unfinished claims. 
  • Value-Based Care: This feature enhances your facility’s care with aid from business advisors. These advisors help you by evaluating clinical and operational readiness, developing customized action plans, recommending negotiation strategies, providing education and more. 
  • Business Consulting: McKesson helps health organizations with strategic planning, project management, technological integration and more to improve financial results. McKesson also provides revenue cycle analytics and customized education courses to improve accuracy and productivity. 


Some of the product limitations of McKesson include:

  • Users are charged additional fees for exporting data
  • Users must pay for CQM reports
  • Doctors are not able to login from multiple locations
  • Graphical interface is unintuitive
  • Built-in templates cannot record accurate measurements of patients

Suite Support

McKesson offers a variety of support options, with varying times of availability based on specific issues. Customers can sign in online or in the EMR to request help whenever.

mail_outlineEmail: Customers can email McKesson during business hours to receive support. McKesson provides a number of emails on their website dealing with different specialties or issues.
phonePhone: McKesson provides a number of support numbers on their website. Phone help is available for medical-surgical customer support, patient care solutions, technical issues and more. Available times for phone support will depend on the specific department you choose.
schoolTraining: Tutorials and other training portals can be accessed in the EMR to help gain a better understanding of the software.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • User-based, annual and monthly subscription fees
Maintenance Cost
  • Added cost supplementary to license fee and monthly subscription fee
  • Must sign maintenance contract annually
Installation/Implementation Cost
  • Implementation services are provided, but not included with the license fee and subscription fee
Customization Cost
  • Customization costs will vary depending on the specific tools or features added
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  • Cost varies depending on the type of data and the amount that needs to be migrated
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  • Cost is equivalent to the monthly subscription fee — based on the number of users, add-on costs, data migration services and any training courses chosen

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