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Why use iSalus?

Key differentiators & advantages of iSalus

  • Save Money: Solutions from iSalus handle many tasks, including billing, practice management, EHR and EMR. With a cloud-based architecture, iSalus can cover all of your medical needs without needing to be installed locally. 
  • Generate Revenue: With more effective and timely care comes greater potential for revenue and more customers coming through your practice doors. 
  • Serve Patients: You can streamline your patient care procedures — from billing to scheduling and charting — thus allowing you to better serve the patient. Charts are robust and shareable, and billing can be handled promptly, taking additional stressors off the patient. 
  • Maintain Compliance: ISalus’s products are HIPAA and MACRA certified, as well as certified for meaningful use standards, meaning you can protect patient data and protect yourself from fines. 
  • Reduce Clinical Turnover: The family of iSalus products is meant to handle and automate several crucial business functions, reducing stress and ultimately lowering turnover rates. 

Industry Expertise

For almost 20 years, iSalus has been providing all-in-one healthcare IT solutions for its clients operating in the medical space. Some major clients of iSalus include Billnet Solutions, Indiana Health Group, Repucare and more.

Key Features

  • Practice Management: Practice management software enables you to track patients, assign rooms and direct clinicians. It also ensures that providers are equipped with the correct clinical tools for the job, by assigning patients to rooms in tandem with available tools. 
  • Billing: Billing features offer complete integration with other iSalus products, as well as access to a robust team of iSalus billing specialists, who can handle billing tasks from the minute a bill is sent out to when it’s finally processed. The company boasts 100% transparency with its billing features. 
  • Scheduling: This feature enables back-office managers and administrators to seamlessly schedule patients for either follow-ups or critical patient procedures. Schedules are recorded, reminders and alerts can be sent out via SMS or email, and information is automatically entered into a patient’s medical chart. 
  • Patient Portals: With patient portals, patients can gain access to their medical records via a mobile application or an online web portal. It also gives clinicians a chance to ensure patient-provider record parity. 
  • EHR and EMR: A standard feature, iSalus offers EHR and EMR tools. Records are robust, customizable, HIPAA compliant, and most importantly: portable. 
  • Mobile Application: The mobile application is a practice on-the-go. It offers a near-complete mobile practice, with billing, prescribing, scheduling and charting features, all from a clinician’s smartphone. 
  • Meaningful Use, HIPAA and MACRA Certified: All of the company’s products have been certified to meet meaningful use standards and are HIPAA compliant. They offer continual data backups, 256-bit encryption, continual monitoring and storage in a state-of-the-art data center.

iSalus Suite Support

ISalus has limited support options.
mail_outlineEmail: ISalus offers basic email support, though their turnaround times for support requests are unknown. Users should email [email protected] for support.
phonePhone: Users can call 877.280.6640 for support during standard business hours.
schoolTraining: The company offers several, robust training options, including self-guided documentation, training videos, and a “university,” where users can gain access to on-demand, guided training in any iSalus product.
local_offerTickets: Support tickets are not available at this time.

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