Benefits and Insights

Why use MedicsCloud EHR?

Key differentiators & advantages of MedicsCloud EHR

  • Increased efficiency ADSC-EHR-EMR Patient information is readily available, saving time and effort while reducing the need to store paper records and files. 
  • Improved documentation This eliminates illegible handwriting, links related records electronically, reduces data entry errors, and helps eliminate missing/required patient information.
  • Improved quality of care With complete and immediate access to patient records, providers are able to provide better, faster, more personalized attention, raising the level of both medical and personal care. 
  • Improved security Unlike a manual, paper system which gives access to anyone, role-based security in MedicsDocAssistant allows only authorized personnel access to medical records. MedicsDocAssistant data can be backed upremoving the risk or fear associated with paper records being lost, misfiled, or destroyed by fire or flood. 
  • Reduced documentation expenses The need for outside transcription is eliminated when using Dragon Medical™ with our own built-in Medics FlowText for inserting data directly into the patient’s MedicsDocAssistant record.  
  • Robust, time-saving features Revolutionize any medical practice by eliminating redundancy and manual labor with MedicsDocAssistant’s automated superbills for “on the fly” posting of procedures and diagnoses for quick billing, electronic prescribing, automated lab requests and results, accurate E/M coding, automated health alerts for continuity of care, and so much more.

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