Benefits and Insights

Why use Cx360?

Key differentiators & advantages of Cx360

  • Intuitive User Design: Cx360 has an intuitive user design that centralizes medical and clinical workflows. 
  • Interactive Templates: Included templates are highly configurable and can be used for diagnosis, assessments, treatment planning and more. 
  • Provider Adoption: Cx360 can increase provider adoption and has various features such as integrated eRx and eLab, leading to increased user satisfaction. 
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Use of Cx360 reduces administrative burdens by providing support for medical and clinical documentation. 
  • Consumer Engagement: With its mobile application for Android and iOS, it can lead to increases in consumer compliance and engagement. 
  • Reduced Processes: With the help of automated medical and clinical alerts, it reduces the added burden of duplicate data entries and further processing. 
  • Outcome Reporting: It has various features, such as ledger integration that increase the ease of reporting outcomes. 
  • Increased Client Engagement: It has a secure client portal that can help increase client engagement, preparedness and customer satisfaction. 
  • Visibility: It has features like configurable and guided data entry workflows that provide end-to-end visibility of patient data, eliminating process bottlenecks. 

Industry Expertise

Cx360 is offered as a SaaS (software as a service), which requires a one-time cost per organization to deploy and an additional one-time cost for ongoing support and use of the application. Implementation includes capabilities like lab connections, public health agency support and immunization reports. It enables the simplification and automation of the intake and registration processes. 

Key Features

  • Call Center Management: Cx360 supports workflow-driven call center management, increasing throughput and client satisfaction. 
  • Client Registration: It supports flexible client registration to reduce manual entry of patient information.
  • Appointment Scheduling: It supports criteria based appointment scheduling for maximum resource availability. 
  • Referral Management: With Cx360, users have access to integrated referral management. 
  • Verification: It allows for automated eligibility verification, reducing duplication of patient data.
  • Benefits Management: It supports comprehensive benefit management for increases in service visit continuity. 
  • Decision Reports: Cx360 supports integrated medical and clinical decision support like ICD-9, DSM-IV and Wiley. 
  • Pre-Configured Workflows: It has pre-made workflows such as CMS 1500, 837, UB04 and more to file claims. 
  • Analytics: It has a fully customized reimbursement analytics platform to improve care continuity and ease of reporting outcomes.
  • Data Management: It has a business rules engine and integrated master data management for enhanced system integration. 


These reviews are accurate as of the writing of this review:

  • Searching for client data can be confusing. 
  • The software does not differentiate between different site locations. 
  • It does not offer a single view of current and discharged patients. 

Cx360 Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email [email protected] for sales and [email protected] for support.
phonePhone: Call (610) 687-6080 for sales and support.
schoolTraining: Training options are not stated on the website.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing options are not available on the website.

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