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Why use athenaClinicals EHR?

Key differentiators & advantages of athenaClinicals EHR

  • Faster Documentation: AthenaClinicals EHR processes paper documents and transfers them to the EHR automatically. Information no longer needs to be entered and re-entered on paper, which saves physicians time. 
  • Quick Installation/Usability: The system's easy-to-use interface and individual training courses make athenaClinicals a breeze to implement. While most EHR systems take months or even more than a year to go live, athenaClinicals can be implemented in nearly half that time. 
  • Focus on Patients: AthenaClinicals handles numerous tasks and technical issues that may otherwise conflict with providing the highest quality patient care. Authorization management is also available for smaller practices, allowing physicians to focus more of their efforts on what’s most important — the patient. 
  • Mobility: With healthcare professionals becoming increasingly busy, athenaClinicals EHR enables physicians to work while they’re out of the office. Practitioners can send out notifications, request medications and exchange messages with their patients online. 
  • Low Cost: Unlike the majority of EHRs, athenaClinicals has zero hidden fees and does not charge for upgrades. 

Industry Expertise

For over a decade, athenaClinicals has been used by a wide variety of health organizations to manage operations. With the largest connected network in health care, athenaClinicals EHR keeps providers connected and has helped improve the overall quality of treatment.

Key Features

  • Clinical Efficiency: Users can access clinical information from numerous sources instantly. Secure text messaging is used to help make informed decisions when it comes to treatment. 
  • Patient Portal: Athenahealth’s patient portal tool, athenaCommunicator, lets patients view their health history, schedule appointments, sign forms, pay bills and more. Patients can also receive automated notifications and reminders regarding upcoming appointments, test results and more. 
  • athenahealth Network: With the nation’s most connected healthcare network, athenaClinicals can compare a clinic's health performance with that of other providers, as well as automatically providing clinical recommendations based on patients’ activity on the network. Information is exchanged between over 250,000 points of care, such as urgent care, specialties, labs, pharmacies and more. 
  • Intelligent Workflows: AthenaClinicals EHR learns from the network the more a client uses the program and simultaneously provides relevant patient information during the point of care. 
  • Interoperability: Many EHR solutions are quite limited when it comes to sharing patient information. With athenaClinicals on the other hand, practitioners can exchange important patient data with a number of other care sites and add it into a patient’s chart, making it so that physicians have all the patient information they need. 
  • Integration: AthenaClinicals EHR is integratable with many athenahealth services and solutions to help with every aspect of a health facility’s business. These integratable features include medical billing, care coordination, medical reference apps and more.

athenaClinicals Suite Support

In addition to a variety of customer assistance options, athenaClinicals offers 24/7 emergency support.
phonePhone: Phone support is available for all seven athenahealth locations, including three in India. All phone numbers are provided on its website.
schoolTraining: Providers can receive help with the implementation of athenaClinicals as well as continued training afterwards. Webinars, tutorial videos and live demos are also available online.
local_offerTickets: Athenahealth’s website lets customers submit a request to schedule a one-on-one meeting at a convenient time.

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