Benefits and Insights

Why use Aprima?

Key differentiators & advantages of Aprima

  • Interoperability: The app is built to be interoperable with different providers and services, meaning your patient’s records can be safely and securely transferred from provider to provider, adapting whatever system they use. 
  • Affordable: The solution is compatible with most budgets, providing a full suite of care for bargain prices. Their support solutions (like flexible, web-based training) are also geared towards thrifty buyers. 
  • Fewer Errors: Patient health records are prone to errors, especially if you’re transferring from a pen-and-paper system. Aprima EHR helps cut down on errors by automatically coding diagnoses, transcribing doctor’s notes and more. 
  • Security of Information: The system provides layers features like custom security rules, document portability and HIPAA compliance. 
  • Fully Integrated: Aprima EHR is a single database application that provides and EHR solution as well as a practice management solution. 

Industry Expertise

The company boasts impressive numbers for its EHR products. They claim to serve 65 thousand providers across 70 different areas of medical specialty.

Key Features

  • Replication: The replication feature enables you to work anywhere, on any device, giving your clinicians additional flexibility, regardless of whether or not they’re connected to the internet. 
  • Financing Module: Though Aprima EHR comes with a suite of software features to help you manage your practice and treat patients, you can also subscribe to their financial platform to help manage your practice’s financial needs. 
  • Designed for Mobile: Aprima EHR is designed to be a mobile-first product. This, coupled with their replication features, means you can access a fully-featured medical product across devices. 
  • Powerful Integrations: You can use the product as a standalone EHR tool, or you can use it as an integrated practice management, revenue cycle management and EHR product. 
  • Simple Reporting: The software offers a simple MARCA compliant dashboard to drill down into KPIs or gain a high-level overview of your practice. 
  • Bilingual Patient Portal: Patient portals encourage users to take advantage of their own healthcare needs, and now you can empower bilingual users with portals that respond to their preferred language. 
  • Robust Exchange: The product can handle point-to-point interfaces, HIEs, ACOs and connections to national networks like CommonWell and SureScripts. It can handle transfers across a number of healthcare interfaces. 

Aprima EHR Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: The company does not offer email support.
phonePhone: Users can obtain phone support by dialing (866) 960-6890, Option 1. Turnaround and available times are unknown.
schoolTraining: The company offers eMDs Engage in place of Aprima Academy, its training center for users. They also offer flexible, web-based training to its users.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing options are unknown.

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