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  • Modify Templates in Seconds: With thousands of customizable specialty templates, AntWorks Healthcare makes it quick and easy to configure these toward your practice’s unique needs. 
  • Accelerate Care and Information Exchange: AntWorks Healthcare maintains and continually updates any major files and key data to make sure the information is both accurate and up-to-date. Records can be sent to labs, pharmacies, and other health professionals in real-time, while AntWorks Healthcare is compatible with many other health systems. 
  • Retrieve Patient Information Anywhere, Anytime: As a cloud-based solution, physicians are able to access patient information and sensitive data from virtually anywhere, all that’s needed is an internet connection. Simple point-and-click touch screens, as well as voice/handwriting recognition, helps make data entry fast without complications. 
  • Connect with Thousands of Physicians: Over 120 types of specialties use AntWorks Healthcare’s integrated solutions — AntWorks EHR, AntWorks PM or AntWorks RCM. With thousands of connected healthcare professionals, your facility can improve patient care and compare their overall performance with that of other facilities. 
  • Flexible and Scalable to Your Facility: AntWorks Healthcare adjusts to meet specific needs and personal preferences of your healthcare professionals. It accommodates a variety of health organizations, from small- to mid-sized practices to larger multi-specialty and ambulatory facilities with hundreds of providers. Rather than having to switch systems as your facility adjusts, AntWorks Healthcare can grow with your organization. 

Industry Expertise

AntWorks Healthcare has been serving healthcare professionals across the U.S. for over 40 years. Health organizations of all sizes across 41 states are currently serviced by this solution, with 618 million claims being processed annually. AntWorks Healthcare meets the needs of over 40 specialties and subspecialties, including dermatology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, behavioral health and many more.

Key Features

  • National Drug Database: With access to the national drug database, you can track abuse as well as interactions that occur with particular medications. This helps to reduce medical errors and improve patient diagnosis and treatment without sacrificing time in doing so. 
  • Color-Coded Calendar: AntWorks Healthcare’s scheduling feature allows users to customize their calendars as they please. Appointments can be scheduled online with automated reminders sent out to patients to improve communication and reduce the number of no-shows. Adjustments and edits can be made quickly while ensuring no time slot or exam rooms are doubled up on. 
  • End-to-End Implementation Services: Unlike most EHRs, AntWorks Healthcare helps your facility achieve success by offering a variety of support and training options. Their support team will help your physicians build the necessary knowledge and confidence to utilize the system to its fullest potential. 
  • Patient Check-In: The live scheduling feature allows your physicians to view upcoming visits for that day in addition to allowing patients to check in electronically prior to their appointment. 
  • Claims Tracking: Like most other medical software solutions, AntWorks Healthcare scrubs claims and sweeps them of any mistakes or coding errors, leading to higher first-time acceptance rates with claim submissions. After a claim is submitted, you can track claims up until reimbursement to get a better idea of when you’ll be paid. 
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM): ArtWorks supports charge entry, collections, denial management, posting, coding, credentialing and more. Additionally, consulting services and performance reviews provide users with areas of lost revenue. 
  • Mobile Apps: As mentioned above, AntWorks Healthcare's EHR is a cloud-based. This allows your physicians to access the software using their smartphones, tablets, personal computers, etc. 

  • AntWorks Healthcare Suite Support

    phonePhone: AntWorks Healthcare provides phone support by dialing (434) 528-1038 or (800) 779-0902 during business hours.
    schoolTraining: AntWorks Healthcare provides customers with training and implementation services to get them up and running once the system goes live. Online meetings can be scheduled as well to give more in-depth and comprehensive support.
    local_offerTickets: By providing some basic information, customers are able to request help tickets online. They can include the reason for contact as well as a brief description of their issue or concern and expect to hear back either through email or phone in a timely fashion.

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