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Why use Amazing Charts?

Key differentiators & advantages of Amazing Charts

  • Maintain Compliance: Compliance in the health IT space is an absolute must for clinics. Amazing Charts comes certified to meet Meaningful Use and HIPAA standards. 
  • Generate Revenue: More satisfied patients means they return more often for visits or procedures. With sophisticated EHR software, you’ll always be able to meet the needs of your clientele and have the most accurate picture of their health/operations for billing purposes. 
  • Keep Patients Coming Back: You’ll earn a patient's business by streamlining your charting, billing and scheduling process. The software makes it easy to schedule follow-ups, checkups and critical procedures, turning patients into repeat customers. 
  • Involve Patients in Their Healthcare: Amazing Charts EHR gives you access to patient portals, which can put patients in control of their records, as well as their own healthcare needs. 
  • Ramp up Efficiency: You’ll be able to do away with the old pen-and-paper systems that many practices still use. With Amazing Charts EHR, you can ingest patient data from outside agencies, and contribute easily to a compliant, portable record of patient health. Doctor’s can utilize the software’s numerous efficiency features to streamline their workflow. 
  • Hinder Clinician Burnout: Clinicians burning out from the stress of work can cost your business thousands. EHR software takes the stress out of their workflow and easily connects them to their administrative and support staff. 

Industry Expertise

Created by a practicing family physician in 2001, Amazing Charts EHR is an affordable EHR solution for independent practices and has consistently been ranked as a top product for several usability and feature-based awards.

Key Features

  • Meaningful Use Certified: You can take advantage of government incentives for meaningful use of EHR products because Amazing Charts EHR is certified to meet modern compliance standards. 
  • E-Prescribing: You can automatically send prescriptions off to pharmacies, as well as check for drug interactions. The technology is powered by NewCrop, which is a SureScript certified solution. 
  • Voice-to-Text: The product is certified to take advantage of Dragon’s Naturally Speaking software, which means clinicians can enter information on-the-fly. 
  • Centralized Data: All of your important data points and screens are available from a single dashboard. This dashboard also allows users to tab through patient information (such as demographics, diagnoses, history, visits, summaries etc). 
  • Flexible Deployment: You can deploy Amazing Charts EHR anywhere — from the cloud to on-premise. If you opt for their “Amazing Charts in The Cloud” plan, the company will take care of maintenance and troubleshooting for you. They’ll also provide 24/7 access, pre-configured dashboards, remote scanning and printing and device-agnostic access all without needing a VPN. 
  • Templates: The software comes preloaded with hundreds of useful clinical templates, designed to reduce redundancy and streamline clinical processes. 
  • Patient Portal: The patient portal feature lets you increase the level of interaction you have with your clients in and out of the clinic. The app’s patient portals come with features like electronic messaging, educational content, visit summaries, test results and more. 
  • Annual Support: With Amazing Charts, you get a full support suite, as well as automatic updates to the product, its databases and its e-prescribing features. 
  • Reporting: The product’s reporting suite is robust and offers important queries, dashboards and more. They also allow you to build your own queries with a custom builder. 

Amazing Charts EHR Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: The company offers email support as part of its annual support package. Reach out to [email protected] at any time to schedule an appointment.
phonePhone: Dial (866) 382-5932 and select “1” for Support. Support is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Phone support works on a “call-back” system.
schoolTraining: The company offers training support, as well as documentation and a knowledge base.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit support tickets through the client portal.

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