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Key differentiators & advantages of AllegianceMD

  • Clinical Decision Support: It provides rapid information to the practice’s teams so that they can make informed decisions about the patient’s care. It also lets users import the medication history of a patient.  
  • Faster Charting: AllegianceMD uses machine learning algorithms to learn treatment preferences and how you manage diagnoses. This makes for faster and more efficient charting.  
  • Meets Regulatory Requirements: It allows users to electronically report to states with active immunization registries easily. It also helps users comply with MACRA/MIPS and Meaningful Use.  
  • Virtual Appointments: The telemedicine feature lets administrators create appointments virtually for those who are unable to visit the practice in person. This can help reduce no-shows and cancellations. It also uses secure video conferencing to ensure that patient confidentiality isn’t tampered with.  
  • Interactions: It helps prescribers quickly check for drug-to-drug, allergy-to-allergy and drug-disease interactions, thus eliminating dangerous errors.  
  • Formulary Check: AllegianceMD automatically checks if the patient is eligible for insurance. If the patient is not eligible for insurance benefits, it suggests alternatives. This also makes sure that practices get paid for telemedicine visits.  
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard: Dashboards give users a bird’s eye view of their appointments and it allows them to open a virtual session with a click. Not only that, faxes can be seen from the dashboard. Incoming faxes are converted automatically to an electronic format, letting admins and clinicians store and access them easily.  

Industry Expertise

Allegiance MD not only has an EHR called Veracity, but also offers practice management and patient engagement portals, and merit-based incentive payment programs. The platform is easy to use and provides robust support to medical practices.

Key Features

  • Customizable Templates: It has customizable health record templates that help users make charts efficiently and maintain records of patient visits.  
  • Electronic Fax: Offers fax services without any additional charges, eliminating the need for an external fax machine. Admins can associate faxes with their corresponding patient and specific dates. It is easy to send documents within the care team for review.  
  • Toll-Free Number: The software offers a toll free number at no extra charge. The number can be used directly or forwarded to an existing number free of cost.  
  • Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS): It features the ability to prescribe and track controlled substances. It also creates requests which are submitted directly to the pharmacy to avoid any misuse or foul play.  
  • Linked to Pharmacies: Enables your practice to send electronic prescriptions, refill requests and replacement requests for generic replacements to the pharmacy with the click of a button.  

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not available.
phonePhone: Call (800) 868-1923 for headquarters, tech support and sales. Call (702) 944-9447 for general inquiries.
schoolTraining: The website does not provide information about product training support.
local_offerTickets: Users should fill the contact form on the website to create a ticket.

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