Benefits and Insights

Why use SPS Commerce Fulfillment?

Key differentiators & advantages of SPS Commerce Fulfillment

  • Centralization: SPS Commerce Fulfillment centralizes documents such as invoices, shipping notices and orders in one, easy-to-search location, which can improve the speed of workflows. 
  • Minimize Errors: The auto-fill feature in this program decreases the amount of manual data entry required. By reducing manual entry, keying errors can be reduced. The system also automatically ensures that information is mapped to the correct fields. 
  • Real-Time Updates: The program can confirm the status of an order in real-time. It also allows users to see the status of a process in the customer’s queue and whether it’s been marked as confirmed or completed. 
  • Increase Productivity: SPS Commerce Fulfillment can reduce the amount of time that employees spent on data entry by more than 85%, therefore increasing efficiency and giving employees time to spend on different tasks. 
  • Connectivity: This system connects to more than 80,000 different trading partners. Any company that uses an EDI can be easily added as a connection to a user’s system within a matter of hours. 

Industry Expertise

SPS Commerce Fulfillment is beneficial to companies in multiple industries that need assistance with the transference of electronic data between different organizations. It’s suitable for businesses of various sizes and is a web-based solution.

Key Features

  • Order Notification: When an order is received from a retailer, an email notification is sent to the user alerting them to go into the system and check it. 
  • Task Tracking: The system contains a checklist for users to refer to as tasks are completed. When one aspect of the workflow is checked off, employees know the next steps to take through this feature. 
  • Intuitive Labeling: SPS Commerce Fulfillment labels everything in the system in an easy-to-understand way so that various employees can make sense of the tool and effectively use it. EDI commonly uses complicated three-digit codes that can be confusing to identify, so this program labels them differently. 
  • Auto-Fill: The auto-fill feature included in the advanced search functionality can reduce the amount of time that users spend filling out long, tedious forms. With this feature, documents such as ASNs can be reduced to only two or three fields. 
  • Live Workflow: The live workflow ensures that clear instructions are communicated between organizations. The system can prevent errors and chargebacks by displaying retailer EDI requirements. 
  • Integration Ability: SPS Commerce has more than 80,000 trading partners connected to its platform, with the ability to integrate with any company that is already using an EDI. Most new connections can be set up within a few hours. 

SPS Commerce Fulfillment Suite Support

SPS Commerce allows users to obtain support online, through email and via phone. It offers free training resources on its website along with the ability for courses to be customized to adhere to individualized company needs.

mail_outlineEmail: SPS Commerce lets customers email support at any time through the following address: [email protected] A live support solution is also available within the software program itself.
phonePhone: Customers can call support anytime. If no one answers, clients can leave a message with their name, contact information and a description of their issue and a representative will get back to them promptly. The phone number to dial is 1-888-739-3232.
schoolTraining: SPS Commerce Training Center is a free online system for those who own the program to learn about system functionality. It includes videos, infographics, courses and more. Clients can also have specialized classes developed based on company needs.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be submitted via email. After sending a message detailing the issue, users will receive an automated message saying that the inquiry was received. A representative will then reach out to assist in resolving the problem.

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