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Key differentiators & advantages of Lingo

EDI Compliance: Compliance is a challenge — Lingo delivers solutions. Validation checks
and automation are two reasons you’ll spend less time worrying about mistakes and,
ugh, chargebacks.

System Integrations: The system you use to run your business can be easily integrated
with Lingo. Whether it’s an ERP, Accounting or Inventory software, WMS, or a 3PL, we
make the flow of information seamless.

Digital Commerce Connections: We put you in control of accounting and inventory,
making you confident that your business is running smoothly and efficiently. You’ll be
able to integrate data with your back-end systems, including QuickBooks, and reduce
duplication of effort because information will flow seamlessly, while the built-validation
checks will help you avoid costly errors. Finally, it’s all backed by our extraordinary
Customer Support team, ready to help you solve any problems.
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