Benefits and Insights

Why use Liaison Alloy?

Key differentiators & advantages of Liaison Alloy

Comprehensive Standards Support
Handle any EDI standards your industry, applications, or trading partners throw at you, including ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS and HL7 standards.
Real-Time Visibility
Spot errors, uncover trends, and answer pressing questions such as, "Did my customer receive my 810?" with real-time, web-based visibility into your transactional and operational EDI data.
Fast Onboarding
Leverage our library of more than 300,000 active trading partners for fast and easy onboarding.
Fully Managed Services
Enjoy improved productivity, shorter document cycles, and compliance with the latest standards and protocols when you allow Liaison's expert professionals to manage your EDI operations.
Unlimited Interconnects
Make one easy connection to our integration platform; we’ll do the rest, delivering data to and from all trading partners across your extended ecosystem.
Significant Savings
Experience costs savings of 30% or more when you take advantage of the expertise, efficiency, and economies of scale offered by the Liaison cloud.