Benefits and Insights

Why use EdiFabric?

Key differentiators & advantages of EdiFabric

  • Reduce the overall cost compared to either outsourced or managed solution. 

  • Save time and energy from doing it yourself. 

  • Onboard partners at the speed you would have without EDI. 

  • Conform to trading partner format changes without delay. 

  • Reduce the time and effort to identify and act on “problem” business documents. 

  • Retain full control over the data, translation and implementation. 

  • Short lead time for integration - you can be up and running within a week with no previous EDI knowledge whatsoever. 

  • Reuse existing software or components. 

  • Utilize existing resources and skills. 

  • Follow your internal coding practises and patterns. 

  • Scale at no extra cost. 

  • Ability to include EdiFabric into your product and distribute if royalty free. 

  • Native support for EDI to XML and vice versa conversion. 

  • Unlimited license for any number of users and environments. 

  • Free updates of the EDI rules when new versions are released.