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Why use DiCentral?

Key differentiators & advantages of DiCentral

  • Accessible: This program is available either on-premise or as a cloud-based solution. To access the system, all users need is a web browser, which makes this tool highly usable for customers in a wide range of locations and industries. 
  • Relatively Inexpensive: The cost of DiCentral Web Based EDI starts at $30 a month, which makes it a fairly inexpensive introduction to EDI software. 
  • High Integration Capability: The program can integrate with many different software vendors. Some of the available integrations include SAP, NetSuite, Acumatica, Oracle, Microsoft, QuickBooks and Sage. 
  • Real-Time Visibility: Supply chain visibility is available through real-time insights that are relayed across customized dashboards. The tool can assist in determining which products are currently available in your distribution center or warehouse while also suggesting when to reorder certain materials based on forecasting technology. 
  • Connectivity: At the core of DiCentral Web Based EDI is its ability to easily connect with trading partners. The system offers prebuilt kits to assist users in developing a connection between their systems and that of their partners. 

Industry Expertise

DiCentral Web Based EDI is a suitable solution for companies in a wide variety of industries. However, it does have special features for companies in the retail, manufacturing, CPG, 3PL, distribution, automotive and healthcare sectors. For example, it contains the ability for CPG or manufacturing companies to easily meet CPG EDI requirements and rules.

Key Features

  • EDI Outsourcing: This program allows you to meet the EDI requirements of your customers while also retaining the ability to scale fulfillment operations. It enables integration with different ERP, WMS and MRP solutions through prebuilt adapters that alleviate the need to work with a third-party integration company. It can integrate with solutions from SAP, NetSuite, Sage, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics, among others. 
  • Dropship Management: The dropship management feature of DiCentral Web Based EDI lets users exchange order and inventory data with trading partners. It also allows for the generation of shipping labels, the automation of inventory feed requests, compliance with buyer dropship guidelines and the obtainment of alerts when pending rule violations occur. 
  • Analytics and Rules Management: DiCentral Web Based EDI allows users to develop rules for all trading partner specifications. The system will also review and quarantine transactions before they become chargebacks. KPI trends can be observed to help users take advantage of actionable insights using data that is nearly real-time and located in a customizable dashboard. 
  • 3PL and Carrier Support: The system allows 3PLs and manufacturers that are in a partnership with a 3PL to scale operations up or down. It contains enablement and fulfillment solutions that are furthered by the opportunity for users to partner or connect with a global community of clients. 
  • Supply Chain Management: The supply chain management feature includes distribution management, point-of-sale data analysis, warehouse management, order management and inventory management capabilities. It can integrate with a user’s accounting system to streamline order processing, supports bulk and single-SKU fulfillment, contains a forecasting module that can suggest reorder quantities and can compare product activity to unit costs. 
  • Financial Integration: DiCentral Web Based EDI can connect customers, suppliers and partners to optimize transactions and ensure compliance with legal and financial regulations. The program eliminates manual tasks such as invoice entry and centralizes cash management. It also contains a matching function that verifies payments for products ordered and received. 
  • EDI Translation and Mapping: The EDI translation tool uses VANs to indirectly connect with partners. Direct connections can be created through either secure FTP or AS2. DiCentral Web Based EDI contains a library of prebuilt kits to ease the process of connecting with partners. The mapping tool lets users transfer, translate and validate data across systems. 

DiCentral Web Based EDI Suite Support

DiCentral Web Based EDI offers 24/7 global support via phone and email. The company prides itself on its quick response to customer inquiries and provides online tools for customers to learn more about the system. An online submission form is also available for submitting support requests.

mail_outlineEmail: Customers can email support at [email protected] for assistance.
phonePhone: Phone support is available at 1-281-480-1121, ext. 3. DiCentral’s global support team is available to help 24/7.
schoolTraining: DiCentral Web Based EDI contains a variety of online learning tools to help customers sharpen their knowledge of the program. This includes webinars, white papers and case studies.

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