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Why use Cleo Integration Cloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of Cleo Integration Cloud

  • Faster Onboarding: Cleo can get users to the marketplace faster with a pre-defined network of over 900 business connections that users can leverage to onboard their trading partners. 
  • Improve Overall Efficiency: With broad support for B2B integration like spreadsheets, EDI, APIs, flat files and more users can exchange information without wasting valuable resources. 
  • All Data Formats: Cleo can handle complex integration projects with its any-to-any transformation system. Handle integrations faster than ever before from any type of data source. 
  • Streamlined Ecosystem Connection: Support for protocols like HTTPs, FTPs, SFTP, AS2 and email help users guarantee that their ecosystem connections are fully secure. 
  • Integration Automation: Automation features let users orchestrate their end-to-end data integration flows and business processes. Cleo can also automate last-mile workflow integration tasks for on-premise systems where APIs are not available. 
  • Integration Control: Included self-service build and design tools let users create and deploy integrations crafted to meet their unique requirements. Professional managed services can also design and build integrations to your specifications.  
  • Increased Visibility: Cleo gives users valuable visual intelligence of their integration transactions. These tools help surface errors faster and discover inefficiencies in their processes for faster resolution. Better visibility helps uncover actionable insights that help users make educated decisions about business strategies. 
  • Multi-Industry Support: Cleo provides integrations and connectors for a variety of industries, including transportation and logistics, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing and more. 

Industry Expertise

Cleo’s ecosystem integration suite helps businesses draw maximum value from the integration and movement of their enterprise data. Their solutions give customers valuable visibility into customer, marketplace, internal cloud and external on-premise applications. They support a wide range of industries with a robust catalog of connectors built to streamline ecosystem connections.

Key Features

  • Robust Integrations: With API, EDI and file integration the Cleo Integration Cloud helps users discover new opportunities while boosting agility and minimizing complexity. It can also extend marketplace reach with included digital marketplace and e-commerce channels. 
  • Transportation and Logistics: Cleo supports supply chain integration and EDI logistics to optimize and streamline workflows as well as save money with features that support trucking, air freight, 3PL and warehouse processes.  
  • Centralized EDI: It lets users optimize their EDI and non-EDI integrations by uniting them all on a single platform. This consolidation helps streamline the creation of a business flow between applications and partners. 
  • Manufacturing Support: The system supports manufacturing integrations and can help accelerate order-to-cash cycles, resolve disputes, connect pharmaceutical manufacturers to logistics providers and suppliers and more.  
  • Wholesale and Distribution: Optimizing digital integration processes across a supply chain can boost sourcing and distribution performance. The Cleo Integration Cloud also helps users integrate EDI and APIs to connect to their network of retail, manufacturing and e-commerce channels. 
  • Multiple Deployments: Cleo can be deployed as a cloud, hybrid, or private cloud to fit the unique needs of each business. 
  • Managed Services: Users that opt for Cleo’s Managed services gain professional end-to-end ecosystem integration support, service scaling, helpful automatic notifications and around the clock monitoring.  

Cleo Integration Cloud Suite Support

Cleo offers multiple, tiered support packages to their clients. Standard support hours take place Monday - Friday 24-hours a day. They also offer 24/7 transaction monitoring and down support. Here are some more ways to get in touch with support professionals:
mail_outlineEmail: Cleo LexiCom, VLTrader and Harmony users can contact [email protected] for help. Cleo Streem Products users can reach out to [email protected] Cleo EEI, ESX, VAN and Clarify customers can contact [email protected] Finally, Managed Services queries can be directed to [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can call +1-815-282-7894, +1-866-444-CLEO in the US and +44 2038653439 in the UK for phone support. US-based Managed Services customers should call 866.444.CLEO and select option 4. International customers can dial 815.282.7894 and select option 4.
schoolTraining: Cleo University offers remote training courses on specific pieces of the system. These classes can be 2-4 hour single day courses or multi-day setups that are five hours a day. They also have a Documentation portion of their site that contains information about their products.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing options are not available.

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