Benefits and Insights

Why use 123 EDI?

Key differentiators & advantages of 123 EDI

  • EDI Engine™ is equipped with a library of “add-ons”, or features that enhance industry-specific operations and reduce manual labor and errors.
  • Our “turn-arounds” enable you to easily generate new documents from exiting ones, whereas “wizards” provide a more in depth process to generate new documents and manage processes such as catalog generation and shipments.
  • Our many interface options will automate you entire business process by linking to your existing accounting, inventory, or shipping systems.
  • Our strategic EDI mapping methodology includes not only EDI specifics but also your trading partner’s business and logistic rules enabling you to fully comply at a higher level.
  • EDI Engine™ is backed up by excellent programming, quality control, and the support of a superb technical staff that consistently provides outstanding and highly personalized service.