Benefits and Insights

Why use Tego?

Key differentiators & advantages of Tego

  • Capture, Store and Process Data: TegoChip stores huge volumes of data in multiple formats. Automated data capture creates an information pipeline from parts manufacture to installation to replacement, making condition-based monitoring and asset lifecycle management smooth and smart.
  • Operate Anywhere: Tego is designed to withstand the most inhospitable environments, including weather, heat, high-altitude flight and even the radiation and temperatures of outer space. It doesn’t require connectivity and operates at low or even no power to facilitate disconnected and mobile assets.
  • Customize Platform to Suit Unique Needs: Whitelabeling lets users customize the solution at the code level to suit their business’s unique needs. The solution is scalable, configurable and offers industry-specific templates to help users get started.
  • Maintain Asset Quality: Generate and track custom metrics for a variety of parts to monitor condition and maintain safety. It helps users identify and remove faulty parts before they become dangerous, improve quality assurance ratings, reduce time to resolve problems and create a safer environment overall.
  • Keep Data Secure: Blockchain technology and role-based access ensures security for data, prevents theft, stops counterfeiting and assures compliance regardless of industry. Sterilization-proof RFID eliminates risk in data transport, and digital signatures from manufacturers provide end-to-end security.
  • Gain Enterprise-Wide Visibility: Gather key component data to establish a granular understanding of asset performance and health. Predict asset lifespans and use data to budget effectively, respond quickly to changes, improve communication and more.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Expenditures: From labor to excess resources to replacement costs, Tego helps improve ROI and reduce costs related to unexpected asset failure, repairs and more.

Industry Expertise

Tego Inc. specializes in serving aerospace, life sciences and energy organizations, but can be applied to any asset-intensive industry.

Key Features

  • Data Nodes: Gather data, track assets, integrate with IIoT devices and manage supply chain processes from a centralized application. Users can access Tego via desktop, iOS, Android, Windows and OS X.
  • TegoChip: This rugged UHF RF technology is rated for 30 years of durability, and offers high-capacity data storage without internet connection. It is gamma and e-beam sterilization proof, ensuring data integrity anywhere.
  • TegoHub: Offers industry-specific templates to facilitate speedy adoption and efficient deployment.
  • Customizable Templates: Includes industry-standard templates that can be configured to meet needs, or lets users create their own from scratch.
  • Tego Connect: Combines business intelligence, performance management and workflow optimization processes into an intuitive application available on or offline.
  • Drag-and-Drop: No coding is required to interact with the system — users of all technical skills can easily create reports and manage assets with the drag-and-drop wizard.
  • Automated Reports: Users can set reports to generate on a pre-set schedule and stop wasting time creating them by hand. Stay on top of important metrics and communicate with various stakeholders effectively.

Tego Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: To contact tech support, log in to TegoHub.
phonePhone: To contact tech support, log in to TegoHub.
schoolTraining: Users can access a comprehensive collection of training videos, webinars, blogs and other helpful self-training content in the resources library.
local_offerTickets: To contact tech support, log in to TegoHub.

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