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Why use Sage Fixed Assets?

Key differentiators & advantages of Sage Fixed Assets

  • Keep Track of Assets: With pre-defined fields users can easily customize asset profiles and projects, report on asset metrics, compile financial predictions and more. Asset profiles store images, repair histories and procurement for easy access.
  • Manage Projects: Sage Fixed Assets offers planning features that help users manage projects and asset construction. Users can manage multiple projects or multi-component assets and convert them directly into finished asset profiles once construction is complete.
  • Monitor Depreciation: Users can manage the entire asset lifecycle from procurement to retirement with Sage Fixed Assets. Users can utilize accounting and reporting features to track asset depreciation, predict when the asset will cost more to repair than it is worth and accurately budget for new equipment.
  • Streamline Operations: Organizations can reduce redundant data entry, centralize asset management tasks and improve communication with Sage Fixed Assets.
  • Save Money: Sage Fixed Assets can help organizations save money in a variety of ways. Inventory management reduces lost stock, asset monitoring and preventive maintenance plans extend asset lifespans and improve ROI and a centralized hub makes technicians more efficient.

Industry Expertise

Sage Fixed Assets caters to asset-intensive industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, education and more.

Key Features

  • Intuitive User Interface: A tutorial wizard walks users through every step of various processes including inventory management, tax audits and others so every user can use it regardless of technical skill.
  • Inventory Management: Sage offers inventory management features such as stockroom management, automated alerts, procurement and purchasing. 
  • Depreciation Modes: Sage provides 50 fixed asset depreciation methods such as MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System), straight-line, modified, declining balance, sum-of-years and more.
  • Reporting: Users can quickly and efficiently generate reports based on industry standards or from customized templates. Sage comes pre-loaded with report formats such as IRS tax forms, Schedule 8 Capital Cost Allowances and GASB 34/35.
  • Barcode Readers: Sage Fixed Assets uses Microsoft barcode readers to perform inventory checks and reconcile data. Data syncs in real time even from multiple sites to ensure all information is up to date.
  • Integrations: All three modules of Sage Fixed Assets integrate seamlessly with one another, as well as with other Sage products, third-party ERP, CRM and more.

Sage Fixed Assets Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:Support is not offered via email, but users can either live chat a representative or tweet @SageSupport on twitter.
phonePhone:Phone support is available 9 am – 8 pm EST at (866) 996-7243.
schoolTraining:Sage users can access Sage City, a community forum where other users crowdsource information and answer each other’s questions. They also have access to the Sage Knowledgebase, a library of downloadable research, whitepapers, videos and more. Sage University provides on-demand learning resources and training courses.
local_offerTickets:To open a support case, users can call, chat or submit a case via the Sage user portal.

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