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Key differentiators & advantages of Maximo

  • Enhances Operations: By increasing asset availability, reducing unplanned downtime, improving reliability and streamlining utilization, the solution helps organizations improve their operational efficiency.
  • Unifies Asset Management Processes: Gone are the days of needing separate systems or software for different tasks — this solution combines the functionality of an inventory management system, CMMS, BI, warehouse management and more into a single, simple interface. It integrates previous asset history into easily accessible profiles users can view from their mobile devices.
  • Extends Asset Life: Preventive maintenance (PM) on a routine basis increases asset lifespans. Asset tracking provides users the tools needed to effectively schedule and leverage PM techniques to get the most out of every asset.
  • Increases ROI: By reducing asset downtime, the platform saves users money. Predictive maintenance also helps users improve the efficiency of their assets by catching problems before they become serious. Additionally, you can more accurately predict when an asset will reach the end of its life in order to prepare ahead of time for its replacement.
  • Improves Safety: By reducing the likelihood of catastrophic asset failure through preventive maintenance and asset monitoring, users keep their workers and their site safe. The detailed asset records offered by the software also help to improve safety by accurately listing when maintenance was last performed as well as tracking asset location within a facility to avoid accidents.
  • Reduces Risk: In addition to physical safety, Maximo offers risk management features for financial planning. Forecasting based on data collected from existing assets can help users budget for procuring new assets and accurately plan for the end of an asset’s lifespan. Role-based security keeps users limited to approved areas, limiting chances of data leaks or data security breaches.
  • Transforms Data Into Actionable Insights: By collecting asset data, the solution helps users make data-driven decisions based on historical and real-time information. They can use analytics to accurately modify production to meet demand, schedule maintenance according to priority, forecast future expenditures and maintain industry compliance, all within the same system that offers other asset management features. This data collection also enables predictive maintenance through condition-based monitoring.

Industry Expertise

Maximo is currently used by some of the largest, most asset intensive organizations in the world. Some of its industry specialties include shipping and transportation, automotive airports, utilities, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Key Features

  • Data Collection: Through manual data collection or the Internet of Things (IoT), EAM collects a range of asset data in order to help users understand asset health and make predictions. Some of these data points could include meter usage, downtime, repair costs, depreciation method, mean-time-between-failure, etc. 
  • Work Management: Users can create job plans for recurring tasks to reduce data entry and streamline scheduling efficiency. This module includes PM scheduling and the ability to set automated alerts that will go out when the time for maintenance on that asset comes back around. 
  • Asset Management: Stores information in asset profiles including location, function, cost history and repair history. Tracks roll-up costs and performs asset modeling functions so you have an accurate, thorough financial plan in place. 
  • Supply Chain Management: Allows users to manage inventory across locations and stockrooms. Tracks inventory levels, sends automated reorders, manages receipts and payments and prevents overbuying. This feature also helps monitor vendor performance and ensure contracts are upheld. 
  • 3D Modeling: Computer modeling creates virtual versions of facilities, promoting smart development of buildings and efficient deployment of assets before a single brick is laid.
  • Role-Based Work Centers: These personalized interfaces ensure each member of the team gets the required information to complete their tasks without giving everyone free reign of all your organization’s data.
  • Analytics: Perform descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics functions to help users gain insights into their business data. Built on IBM Cognos’ BI software, this feature is one of the most robust of any EAM solution. 
  • Labor and Scheduling: Drag-and-drop schedules let users assign individual technicians to projects, accelerates schedule optimization and promotes team accountability. 
  • Multiple Deployment Models: This solution can be deployed via the web, in a dedicated private cloud or on-site at a client’s location. This flexibility ensures users get the deployment that works best for them.

IBM Maximo Asset Management Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email IBM Maximo directly, but on their resources and support page, users can live chat with a representative or submit feedback through a web form.
phonePhone: American users can call IBM support 24x7 via phone at 1-800-426-7378. Global users can access their contact information from a robust directory from the “contact us” tab on their website. Before contacting support, users should search the knowledge center to see if their problem can be easily resolved.
schoolTraining: There are a huge range of options for training with IBM products. Some are free, some are free only for subscribers, some come at additional costs — it all depends on the course and who is offering it. The same applies to where the course takes place, as some are online and others are in person.
local_offerTickets: If the knowledge center comes up empty with answers, users can submit a ticket by clicking on the “open a case” button at the top of the support page. The support desk will walk the user through the process of ensuring their question can’t be resolved by the resource page, and then will be sent through the system and completed.

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