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Why use Ivanti?

Key differentiators & advantages of Ivanti

  • Improve Efficiency: Reduce the time spent repairing assets by facilitating preventive maintenance plans. Automated workflows decrease the resources allocated to each asset by creating automatic maintenance schedules, ensuring proper technician scheduling and assignment, as well as streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Reduce Risk: Fraud detection and compliance guidelines protect organizations from loss, theft and security breaches. Frequent asset maintenance reduces the likelihood of unexpected failure, breaches due to outdated security and redundancy.
  • Reduce Costs: Streamlined scheduling and maintenance plans mean that employees spend fewer hours on data entry or managerial tasks, freeing them up to focus on more important work and making their labor hours more productive. Preventive maintenance plans created and followed through Ivanti also significantly reduce the likelihood of unexpected catastrophic asset failures and the costs to the organization they incur.
  • Manage Assets Strategically: Improves asset visibility by creating asset profiles, attaching warranty information, aggregating purchase data and recording maintenance history. Facilitates lifecycle management by tracking assets from procurement to disposal.
  • Extend Asset Lifespans: Preventive maintenance performed in anticipation of breakdowns saves the business money on more costly repairs and keeps assets up and running for an extended period, improving their usefulness and boosting ROA.
  • Reclaim Unused Hard/Software: The asset optimizer helps IT managers discover unused assets like software, improve visibility into asset usage and optimize full use of hardware to make it more efficient.

Industry Expertise

Ivanti specializes in serving federal or local governments, healthcare facilities, educational campuses, logistics and retail.

Key Features

  • Lifecycle Tracking: Tracks assets from purchase throughout their lifespans to disposal from a convenient central hub.
  • Asset Repository: Create and manage asset profiles including lifecycle data, identifying information, inventory, asset location, repair history and warranties.
  • Product Catalog: Lets users search for assets, inventory or orders to find information and create work orders.
  • Financial Management: Managers can generate cost reports, track asset depreciation and budget for future purchases. It also stores asset costs, including resources used for repair in asset profiles for easy access.
  • Contract Management: Lets users view, search and manage contracts with clients, suppliers or vendors from the same solution that manages assets. Vendor performance can be tracked via scorecards to facilitate strategic management.
  • Barcode Scanning: Generate custom barcodes that employees can scan to pull up asset profiles, track inventory and log maintenance records.
  • Integrations: Import normalized data from cloud-hosted sources, seamlessly integrate with a configuration database management system and access the system from any device through the cloud.

Ivanti Suite Support

Ivanti offers a tiered support system. Standard support offers updates, upgrades, online ticket submission and phone support with a four-contact team of support specialists. Enhanced support adds four additional contacts and makes phone support available 24/7. Premium support comes with all the previous offerings, 10 support contacts, an assigned support engineer and a designated manager for escalating tickets.

mail_outlineEmail: Tickets are not processed through email. Users should open a case through the web form or phone number.
phonePhone: Phone support can be reached at the following numbers for different regions: The Americas: 1-801-308-8047. U.K.: +44 1925358112. Germany: +49 6996758625. France: +33 176400193. The Netherlands: +31 738080114. Australia: +61 286078037. North China: 108007142471. South China: 108001402489.
schoolTraining: Users can access a mix of training materials to become more proficient at the system. Some of these include free interactive online workshops, technical courses through authorized learning centers, a certification program and self-guided e-learning with Ivanti Academy.
local_offerTickets: To open a support case, users can submit an incident report through their user account or on the phone. Before contacting the technical team, users are encouraged to perform self-directed support by exploring the knowledge base of documentation, webinars, forums and other resources to see if an easy solution is available.

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