Benefits and Insights

Why use Infor EAM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Infor EAM

  • Optimize Asset Lifecycle Management: By compiling data collected from assets like warranties, cost history, location, meters and repair records, users can maximize their productivity and optimize asset lifespan. 
  • Task Grouping: The system offers the option to group related tasks (e.g., similar location, similar assets, similar repair parts needed, etc.) in the same work order to improve efficiency. 
  • Improve Fleet Productivity and ROI: Users can process warranties, manage fuel and improve overall cost-per-mile savings of their vehicles by utilizing Infor’s vehicle performance module. This feature offers preventive maintenance and organized record-keeping in a convenient interface. 
  • Improve Facility Management: Infor’s facility management capabilities let users see in an intuitive interface how their equipment, locations and systems relate to each other. They can define as well as plan maintenance activities according to asset hierarchies to ensure priority repairs are performed first. 
  • Efficiently Manage Maintenance Tasks: Preventive maintenance is crucial to maintaining asset health, but that maintenance is worthless if users forget to schedule it or perform it unnecessarily. The maintenance scheduling feature of Infor EAM helps users keep track of scheduled maintenance, schedule tasks to trigger based on predefined metrics and auto-schedule maintenance. 

Industry Expertise

Infor specializes in mid-sized organizations and enterprises. Some industries it serves are Construction, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Transportation, Municipalities, Facilities, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, and Public Sector.

Key Features

  • Asset Lifecycle Management: Users can identify, track, locate and analyze physical asset data like meter usage. This data is stored in an asset profile that can be pulled up as needed and drawn from when generating reports.&strong;
  • Work Orders: The solution lets users generate work orders to track work performed on assets. These can be set to include multiple assets or be restricted to a single piece of equipment. Users can assign work orders to individual technicians for completion. 
  • Inventory Management: This feature monitors and controls inventory levels like spare parts. It automates the purchasing process, streamlining the process of reordering frequently used inventory. 
  • Maintenance Management: Preventive maintenance tasks can be scheduled on a fixed date, during a flexible time period or to trigger based on metered usage. These tasks are tracked by revision control and allows managers to require authorization for certain escalation (e.g., marking a work order "complete"). 
  • Vehicle Management: Infor’s vehicle maintenance reporting (VMR) codes and additional customer fields help users track their fleets and vehicle maintenance. 
  • Maintain, Repair, Overhaul (MRO): Users can mark equipment as "to be repaired" and track its location. This is especially useful if you have a location where all items in line for refurbishment are stored. Users can perform a search for these assets in the system and pull up real-time location information. 


Some of the product limitations include:

  • The solution is complex and involves a steep learning curve
  • The mobile app takes up considerable space and tends to drain battery quickly
  • The solution doesn’t allow users to build custom reports independently
  • It’s difficult to cross-reference information such as work orders to parts and requires support from the backend support team
  • Doesn’t support industries such as services, education and others
  • Infor EAM isn’t compatible with Windows and BlackBerry devices

Infor Enterprise Asset Management Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support directly, but they can instant chat with a chatbot on Infor’s support page. This bot suggests resources that might answer your question. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can chat with a live agent. These agents are online during most business hours and respond almost instantly.
phonePhone: Users can contact Infor support by calling 877.772.4111. This line is open to anyone, including non-subscribers.
schoolTraining: Extensive training materials can be accessed through Infor’s Education Services. These can be accessed via Infor’s site on the resources page, by calling 866.246.2213 or 678.319.8114 or by emailing them at [email protected]
local_offerTickets: Users can log incidents at the Infor support portal Xtreme. This is also the source users can use to find help resources such as documentation, articles, videos and the knowledgebase.

Cost of Ownership for Infor EAM

License/Subscription CostOn-premise:
  • Perpetual license-based model: required to pay an upfront fee to own the software and IP for a fixed term, along with installation, customization and integration costs over and above the license fee
  • Cost is based on initial licensing fee per user/named user license
  • Additional modules require additional licenses which are valid for a fixed term only
  • Price is dependent on the size of the business, functionality requirements and number of users
  • Recurring subscription-based model: monthly cost depending on the number of users
Maintenance CostOn-premise:
  • Cost is over and above the upfront cost/license fee
  • Requires ongoing maintenance plus ongoing upgrade support
  • Users are required to enter into a maintenance agreement for annual support and maintenance, the cost of which is in the range of 10% and 20% of the original license fee
  • Not included in the subscription cost
  • Additional cost for ongoing maintenance and upgrades
For both types of deployment:
  • Infor Services provides support services that include cloud support services and global support, with support professionals located in 28 countries
  • Infor Support Services also offers flexible pre-packaged support in three different versions: Essential, Premium and Elite Support
  • Infor also offers ongoing upgrades support through Infor deployment services
  • Infor Xtreme Portal, a non-script-based phone support model where Infor collaborates with the developers who create and update the applications, gives customers instant access to everything available through Xtreme Support, from software patches to service packs and customer communities
Installation/Implementation CostFor both types of deployment, cost is over and above the upfront/subscription cost
  • Provides deployment services which include customized system implementation, upgrades, data migration, testing automation, performance management and standardized implementation
  • Infor’s Implementation Accelerators are tailored by industry and for Infor’s solutions. Infor delivers implementation services through its offshore Centers of Excellence. Infor maintains centers in Manila, Philippines, and Hyderabad, India, employing more than 650 expert employees, who not only understand the software, but also certain industries and business requirements.
  • Infor also implements solutions through its partners
Customization CostCost varies depending on the applications and modules added, based on UI changes, configurable dashboards, data elements required for tracking, complexity of data, etc.
Recurring/Renewal CostsDependent on model opted – annual lease or own in perpetuity

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