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Why use Assetworks?

Key differentiators & advantages of Assetworks

  • Centralized Resource Library: Instead of keeping records in a filing cabinet, labor hours on a timecard and asset profiles in the computer, store the database on a single interface.
  • Improve Security: Maintain an audit trail and data integrity to ensure industry standards are adhered to.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Schedule preventive maintenance to prevent asset breakdowns, increase lifespans and improve asset ROI.
  • Extend Asset Lifespans: Maximize equipment lifespan through asset monitoring, preventive maintenance and depreciation methods.
  • Improve Efficiency: Organize and assign tasks from a single interface, reduce asset downtime and prepare for the future through forecasting.

Industry Expertise

Performs best with asset-intensive industries such as education, airlines, government agencies, utilities, and oil and gas.

Key Features


  • Real-Time Data: Captures real-time asset data like location, status, maintenance notes, repair history, transfer details and more, storing data in asset profiles for later use.
  • Inventory Management: Assign barcodes to items, monitor stockroom levels, automate procurement processes and manage spare parts.
  • Maintenance Management: Offers preventive maintenance scheduling, sends alerts when repeating maintenance tasks need to be performed and helps streamline the repair process.
  • Work Order Management: Streamlines the work order process — creation, assignment, completion and recording. Assign specific tasks to individual technicians and restrict work order closure to admin roles.
  • Mobile Access: Enables asset management on the go with access via web browser, native mobile app and the desktop interface.
  • Reporting: Reporting tools help make data-driven decisions and glean insights from asset data. 
  • Property Management: Manage the acquisition, ownership, leasing, maintenance, and disposition of buildings. Receive reports on portfolio costs, space planning and operating cost. 
  • Space Management: Collect data on total cost of spaces owned and leased, and increase cost savings by lowering space requirements and property expenditures. Measure and track space utilization, improve quality assurance management and regulatory compliance, and manage reporting via graphical query capabilities. 
  • Operation and Maintenance: Reduces inventory carrying and facility maintenance cost, improves asset availability and limits asset downtime. Track and control maintenance expenses, automate bill generation, manage vendors and contract workers, oversee labor hours, and improve asset utilization. 
  • Project Management: Track and manage sustainability goals, leverage construction operations building information exchange (COBie), plan and execute capital projects and manage issues with RFIs and meeting minutes. Manage and track contracts and gain visibility into commission plans, proposal changes, directives and orders, architect’s supplemental instructions, and applications for payments. 
  • Energy Management: Analyze consumption per building, collect utility bills and usage data from various sources, allocate energy costs, and target areas to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Automates accuracy checks, meter readings and configurable data validation, and offers flexible invoice generation. 
  • Lease Management: Track space lease details, lease options, amendments, end dates, location changes and square foot data. Define lease payment schedules to automate the payment process. Stores property, space, operations and maintenance data on a single integrated system. 
  • Key and Access Control: Logs access location, cores, locks and keys, and ring tracking. Control the issue and return of keys and keep authorization of spaces in control. 
  • Computer Aided Design: Link floor plan drawings to associated facilities, export accurate locations and modify floor plans. Automatically generate graphical reports, customize drawing and layering standards and ensure areas are in compliance with FICM, IFMA and BOMA. 
  • SpaceSync: Export, import and review space data changes in Excel, maintaining standard and integrity of space data. Includes location, occupancy, grants and programs data, with the option to review, accept and reject all data changes. 
  • Geographic Information System: Access maps without learning GIS, add data without changing maps and geolocate jobs. 
  • AssetSync: Create, export, import and update asset data in Excel format and add assets to PM templates. 
  • Team Scheduler: Filter, retrieve and assign work, update job status and add notes on a graphical interface. Sort work by priority, location, status and assigned personal, block out leaves on a person's daily schedule, and color code priority work. 
  • Assessment and Need Analysis: Stores asset lifecycle and deficiency data for use in long-range strategic planning and budgeting. Select and prioritize needs based on property and portfolio, as well as track recurring and non-recurring asset renewal. 
  • Asset Rental: View assets available for reservations, schedule asset maintenance and associate cost with a job. 
  • Green and Sustainability: Track all requirements in an integrated system while working on projects, access reports and define green initiatives. 
  • Environmental Health and Safety: Manage hazardous material disbursements, including recovery, disposal and transfer of containerized material in or out of a building. 
  • Motor Pool: View available vehicles on a visual Gantt chart, schedule vehicle maintenance and tie jobs to their cost. 
  • Business Automation: Makes processes cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and transparent. Enter data faster, schedule reports and receive custom notifications and emails. 


  • Service Request: Improve communication across the community and help customers find, submit and track requests. Prioritize, plan and schedule requests based on the detailed information received through request forms. Offers automated workflows along with customer and stakeholder access. 
  • Space: Use space data consolidated on a single integrated platform to optimize space utilization. Approve limited access to space data and floor plans, customize space surveys, and receive detailed progress reports. 


  • Mobile Solutions: Improves communication, increases responsiveness and eliminates redundant data entry. Track work assignments, manage preventive maintenance tasks, automate inventory control processes and streamline field work completion. 
  • Asset Management: Update real-time data from the field using barcodes. Supports asset replacement part updates, location inspections, images, ratings and logging remedial actions. 
  • Work Management: Offers secure access to Wi-Fi and other networks using personal credentials, real-time creation of time entries, material usage recording, notes, status updates, documents and photos. 
  • Purchasing: Request parts, record in-store purchasing transactions and approvals offline. Purchase parts from vendors, get notified when requests are complete, and approve invoices and purchase orders from the field. 
  • Receive: Employees on the receiving dock can view orders by vendor, scan incoming packages, track received items, reject unsuitable orders with photos and use electronic signatures during transactions. 


User feedback indicates the following limitations at the time of this review:

  •  When printing an invoice, the date changes to the date of printing. 
  •  Difficult and complex to import data. 
  •  Need to manage multiple systems, as it doesn’t integrate with them. 

Suite Support

In addition to the options below, AssetWorks offers extensive professional services for implementation, hosting, custom development, strategy and more.

mail_outlineEmail: [email protected]
phonePhone:(800) 659-9001 or (210) 301-1701.
schoolTraining: AssetWorks Academy incorporates all of the organization’s software solutions. It includes four days of in-person training and networking, hands-on classroom training, as well as discussions or brainstorming sessions with industry leaders and peers.
local_offerTickets: Not mentioned.

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