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Asset life-cycle costing, including consumption, useful lives and replacement values, are delivered through Assetic Assets based on industry and regulatory requirements. Consumption patterns are completely user-customisable, and can be based on age, condition, or a combination of both.

Assetic’s intuitive, configurable dashboards make it easy for you to monitor activity across your asset network. By presenting key asset information in a clear, comprehendible manner this feature delivers the right information, to the right individual, immediately. Available for every module within the Assetic suite, dashboards also ensure correlation between events and issues is always clear.

In-built mapping functionality is available across all Assetic modules, including powerful network searching and visualisation of asset and maintenance data that is easily customisable by end users. Seamless data-level integration with existing GIS systems and application-level links for advanced functions such as network tracing are easily achieved. Mapping functionality also flows through to Assetic Maintenance and Assetic Mobility, delivering productivity benefits to field-based maintenance and assessment teams.

Asset-intensive organisations in all industries are under ever-increasing scrutiny, with regulators demanding more robust reporting. Assetic’s powerful, in-built reporting suite incorporates a flexible report builder that enables users to filter and group assets by any criteria, across asset categories, and save these report profiles for later reuse.

Assetic’s data exchange capability and open APIs readily enable automated integration with a range of third-party systems and datasets. Integration  drives accuracy and timeliness of asset information, reduces costs, and improves overall business efficiency. Data integration is available for all major GIS, finance, document management, and customer relationship management systems, and can easily be extended for other proprietary systems.

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