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Why use Asset Explorer?

Key Features

  • IT Asset Inventory Management: Scan and discover all company assets. Includes: 
    •  Multiple product types for creating and listing products. 
    •  Fields for identification of assets. 
    •  Vendor details. 
    •  Tracking for IT and non-IT products, including expiring licenses and software. 
    •  Asset grouping based on requirements or other criteria. 
  • Software License Management:  Tracks the number of software licenses purchased, software installations and remaining licenses, as well as analyzes software usage patterns to buy required licenses. It also: 
    •  Delivers alerts when an illegal and unlicensed software is used. 
    •  Supports all types of software licenses like OEM, concurrent, enterprise and more. 
    •  Maintains software compliance by tracking under-licensed, over-licensed and compliant software. 
    •  Sends bulk emails to users accessing prohibited software, logs updated software information and simplifies the software audit process. 
  • Software Asset Management: Track software assets and licenses by grouping based on categories like license type, vendor name and more. View compliance through flash charts and ensure optimum usage of licenses purchased. 
  • Purchase Order Management: Provides specified approvers, flows that guide POs through the purchase order cycle and details that are saved when closing invoices. 
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: Follow assets from procurement to disposal, and stock or purchase a type of asset when it is close to disposal. Dashboards and reports facilitate informed decisions on IT needs and services. 
  • Asset Tracking: Scan and audit workstations that are connected over LAN, WAN and VPN, automate tracking of hardware and software inventory, and associate vendors and contracts. Includes asset groups, asset relationships, asset history and tracking of support and maintenance costs. 
  • Configuration Management Database: A centralized repository helps: 
    •  Maintain, track and support all interrelations between configured items in the IT environment — hardware, software, documents, and individual or business service. 
    •  Add default attributes and relationships to a configuration item (CI) type. 
    •  View the impact of a CI on the other CIs to take appropriate measures to establish and eliminate the issue. 

Suite Support

Provides 24x5 support.

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phonePhone: +1-888-720-9500.
schoolTraining: Offers tips on selected topics and user forums for discussions.
local_offerTickets: Submit on the support page.

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