Benefits and Insights

Why use infoRouter?

Key differentiators & advantages of infoRouter

  • Document Management
    As modern business becomes global, it is vital that your information keeps up with you. The infoRouter Document Management Software from Active Innovations makes that easier than ever, allowing you unprecedented freedom, simplicity, flexibility and security to manage and work on your documents from any location in the world. Any authorized person—your customers, vendors, partners or employees—can create, view, edit, share, and control and manage your documents safely and securely anytime and anywhere in the world.

  • Content Management
    infoRouter Content Management Software Platform offers a flexible and robust content management solution that allows employees, customers and partners to safely collaborate on, contribute to and manage business content anywhere around the world.

  • Workflow Management
    This powerful software will allow you to create complex workflow scenarios to streamline your business processes. You will be able to automate a business process, where a generated document will be passed from one user to the other via email notifications and task assignments. Each user(s) in the path of the defined workflow will be able to perform a variety of tasks such as review a document, edit attached documents, add attachments, fill forms and much more before passing the batch to the next person or persons in the path.

  • Collaboration Management
    infoRouter Collaboration Management offers a Web-accessible and centralized "digital workspace" that facilitates content collaboration and gives users a document management platform to search and access all business content.

  • Records Management and Regulatory Compliance
    With the infoRouter Web-based document management software solution, organizations can save money and time by lowering the cost managing documents.

  • Forms Management
    infoRouter offers a robust Form Template Management Software Platform.This feature allows you to secure your existing investment in standard HTML forms. Simply upload your existing forms into infoRouter. infoRouter will automatically expose these forms as templates.

  • WebDAVWebDav (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is quickly becoming an industry standard for web authoring.
    infoRouter WebDAV allows users to bypass the infoRouter interface to upload new documents, view documents, drag-and-drop new documents and export documents out of infoRouter. Users can directly open infoRouter documents from within the file explorer. With WebDAV compatible applications such as Microsoft's Word, you will be able to simply double-click on Word documents, make changes and hit the save button to directly save documents into infoRouter.