Benefits and Insights

Why use elcomCMS Document Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of elcomCMS Document Management

  • Integration with Microsoft Office
    Create and edit documentation within the Microsoft Office environment. The plugin allows you to easily synchronise updates easily all with a click of a button.

  • Version control
    elcomCMS comes built in with version control providing an audit trail and full traceability across all documents. Once an article or document gets published on the site a it gets recorded and given a version ID and a timestamp. Version Control allows a user to go back to a previous version of an Article or a Document at any point.

  • Document List
    The document list feature provides a list of active documents specified within a folder. You can enhance this feature with the taxonomy module, tagging each document with a keyword. Using the document list feature, you can display documents based on taxonomy such as the type of document, author, subject or topic etc.

  • Document review
    The document review feature, applies a mandatory review process to documents after a nominated time period. The system automatically notifies specified administrators or authors, improving documentation quality and maintenance procedures.

  • Workflow and approvals
    Workflows can be applied to documents before they are published to ensure the proper review and approval processes are maintained.