Benefits and Insights

Why use Egnyte?

Key differentiators & advantages of Egnyte

  • Egnyte provides File Sharing for Enterprise.
  • Access and Share files from anywhere, using any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Control where files are stored, with the simplicity of the cloud and the speed of local storage.
  • Attain complete security and visibility with centralized administration, audit reporting and user permissioning.
  • Sync with any existing storage system, allowing mobile access beyond the firewall, without the need for VPN or FTP servers.
  • Easily upload & share large files (compression and restart capabilities)
  • Centrally administer and control access for employees & business partners
  • Remote Office File Server- Cut costs by 75%
  • No hardware, VPN needed to connect remote offices
  • Powerful administration and access rules
  • Securely store & share files from a remote office
  • Includes Backup for remote office employees- Sharepoint Alternative for File Collaboration
  • Much easier to use than Sharepoint; no management overhead 
  • No complex installs or templates to customize
  • Easily store & share files across employees and partners
  • Powerful collaboration features like automatic versioning & notifications