Benefits and Insights

Why use eFileCabinet Desktop Professional?

Key differentiators & advantages of eFileCabinet Desktop Professional

  • Cloud View - The benefit of automatic file backup to the Cloud while remaining an on-premise/desktop user.
  • Web Portal Capabilities with SecureDrawer - With a button on the menu bar for SecureDrawer, send documents and files out of eFileCabinet to any customer or partner via a secure web portal.
  • Capture, Manage and Share - eFileCabinet represents a virtual cabinet, with cabinets, drawers, folders and files. With easy scanning, capturing and management of client information, users find the interface simple to use from day one.
  • Active Directory Syncing - Allows you to quickly and easily import users and groups from a Windows domain; provides and verifies user credentials.
  • Simplifile Integration - For those who use Simplifile, this powerful add-on easily transfers documents from eFC to the Simplifile website for review and processing.
  • CSV Export - An easy, user-friendly way to export all of your profile data into one simple-to-access Excel spreadsheet.
  • Third-Party Software Integration - With a robust API for internal integration or for partnerships, eFileCabinet enables organizations to focus on improving office productivity and profits with ease.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Tools - Many industries require proper documentation and security to adhere to their respective regulatory compliance needs.
  • Advanced Workflow Integration - eFileCabinet’s Workflow module enables you to efficiently create a process for individuals and departments to make decisions quickly. Get approvals and decisions without moving out of your chair.
  • eSignature Integration - Just click on the eSignature button on the menu within eFileCabinet to initiate a digital signature request. Not only are signatures easy to request, signed files and documents are then automatically received and filed within the folder you designate.