IFS vs Syspro: Which Distribution ERP Software Is The Winner?

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Your distribution ERP should unify your network, increase visibility and improve efficiency to reduce costs. So you might’ve thought to compare IFS vs SYSPRO, two leading vendors that supply enterprise software for distributors. And while they’re both excellent systems that can provide the benefits listed above, they have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the needs of your business, one distribution software vendor will be more effective for your business than the other.

We know software selection can be complicated, so to save you some time we’ve gone into detail comparing these two solutions and identified which has the advantage for each feature. As you get closer to making a final decision, the margin for doubt gets slimmer and slimmer. With our comparison, you can be confident the software you choose is the right one for your business.

Compare IFS and Syspro Against Your Needs

Comparison chart of IFS and SYSPRO ERP. Comparing distribution features

Advantages and Disadvantages

Sales Order Management

SYSPRO ERP screenshot

SYSPRO ERP’s interface is pleasant and user-friendly to increase adoption rates within your company.

IFS Applications offers a series of web-based tools so users can check product availability, pricing, customer registration and even order tracking. Users can also track orders from multiple locations, offer custom rates and process returns. All of these features give IFS Applications a “good” rating from us.

However, SYSPRO receives an “excellent” score for a few reasons. First, SYSPRO ERP allows users to manage the entire sales order lifecycle from processing to fulfillment. This software also supports multiple currency for international sales. Its flexible entry methods, product availability information and delivery promising all work to increase customer satisfaction. Finally, SYSPRO applies taxes and fees to orders as needed.

@SYSPRO rates better than IFS for Sales Order Management in SelectHub’s analysis of the two tools. #ERP #Distribution

Customer Relationship Management

Managing your customer relationships couldn’t be more important for distributors. Thankfully, both distribution systems have excellently-rated CRM components. IFS’ CRM solution contains comprehensive customer data to support quotes and estimations. Users can also set up automated marketing campaigns and manage sales partner incentives.

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SYSPRO ERP also provides complete customer records that include credit limits, order status and history, billing information, and shipping addresses. Additionally, this vendor’s CRM is very user friendly, offering a drag and drop interface and thorough search and filter features.

@SYSPRO and @IFSworld tie for Customer Relationship Management in SelectHub’s analysis of the two tools. #ERP #Distribution

Procurement Management

IFS Purchase Orders

IFS Applications provides handy visual tools for users to quickly see purchase orders and other data.

IFS does better here, earning an “excellent” score on our Leaderboard. This score is due mainly to the solution’s specialized procurement setup. IFS Procurement centralizes all purchasing functions for ease of use. Having all your tools in one place is especially helpful as this solution supports multiple sites of operation. Users can create purchase orders, raise purchase requisitions and schedule purchases for all your locations in the same setting.

SYSPRO does well, but still doesn’t beat IFS. With this system, users can oversee product quality, costs, vendor performance and automate purchase approval. And with goods received notes, users can match invoices to orders and receive variance reporting.

@IFSworld rates better than SYSPRO for Procurement Management in SelectHub’s analysis of the two tools. #ERP #Distribution

Warehouse Management

Both vendors offer great warehouse management modules. But IFS takes the advantage for this one as well. IFS Applications automates the pick, pack, ship and put-away process for a smooth and ultra-efficient warehouse. Moreover, this software lets users oversee transfer management and relevant data like product movement, shelf-life and stock levels. This feature is especially important if your business relies on bundling or kitting of products. IFS also lets users integrate manufacturing and shipping processes using IFS Warehouse Data Collection. This tool was built specifically so buyers would get the most from their software investment.

SYSPRO ERP isn’t rated as well but still has good capabilities. First, this system provides the shipping interface through StartShip which supports packing, shipping and labeling. Users also benefit from shipment notifications and history reports. Lastly, this system allows grouping of warehouses when creating forecasts for inventory optimization.

@IFSworld rates better than SYSPRO for Warehouse Management in SelectHub’s analysis of the two tools. #ERP #Distribution

Manufacturing Management

Both IFS and SYSPRO ERP have fantastic manufacturing modules. IFS provides users with capability across the entire manufacturing lifecycle. These tools support capacity planning, production planning, production scheduling, cost management and quality management. Further, IFS provides shop floor control that includes reporting tools to see key metrics related to manufacturing. This system also supplies a bill of materials feature.

SYSPRO’s manufacturing component is very flexible. It can be utilized in a number of environments including make-to-order, job shops, make-to-stock, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order and engineer-to-order. In addition, this vendor provides single and multi-level bill of materials management.

@IFSworld and @SYSPRO tie for Manufacturing Management in SelectHub’s analysis of the two tools. #ERP #Distribution

Inventory Management

IFS Applications provides a series of inventory capabilities that give it a “good” rating from us. The system’s replenishment component is integrated with demand forecasts enabling automatic refill alerts. This system also supports robust inventory planning by assessing seasonal demand and stock popularity. Additionally, IFS supports traceability by serial number, location, product line and other groupings.

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On the other hand, SYSPRO gets an “excellent” rating for its inventory tools. Like IFS, this ERP provides forecasting functionality to help plan inventory. What’s unique about SYSPRO is their algorithms. They can be made manual or custom and can determine the accuracy of the forecast they influence. This way, you’re completely aware of exactly how informed your business’ decisions actually are. In addition, SYSPRO ERP also supports inventory control and MRP functionality.

@SYSPRO rates better than IFS for Inventory Management in SelectHub’s analysis of the two tools. #ERP #Distribution

Supply Chain Management

IFS has weaker tools here compared to its other features. However, they’ll still get the job done for many buyers. The IFS supply chain module allows for both external and internal collaboration. It’s also equipped with a web-based portal that you and your partners can further use to communicate. It’s not a full-bodied solution, but since SYSPRO doesn’t help manage your supply chain relationships at all, IFS wins the advantage.

@IFSworld rates better than SYSPRO for Supply Chain Management in SelectHub’s analysis of the two tools. #ERP #Distribution

Logistics Management

IFS finishes out our comparison on a strong note, with a “good” rating for this feature. This vendor can optimize your routes in real time to reduce costs. IFS takes distance, traffic and other variables into account to produce the best course. Freight and other shipping logistics are also available through a designated add-on.

SYSPRO loses the logistics advantage due to its reliance on third-party solutions. However, users can still benefit if they decide to use these external tools. Users have the option to integrate Freight Calculator which uses rates from multiple carriers for your own freight calculation. SYSPRO also optimizes your routes to reduce costs.

@IFSworld rates better than SYSPRO for Logistics Management in SelectHub’s analysis of the two tools. #ERP #Distribution

Advantage Summary

IFS is a great choice for mid-sized businesses and enterprise level companies. But SYSPRO is a suitable choice for small businesses in addition to larger ones. This is especially for those looking to grow and keep IT expenses to a minimum. Both products cater to similar industries like automotive, food and beverage, consumer goods and more. But when comparing SYSPRO vs IFS in terms of features, IFS is the more comprehensive solution and takes home more advantages.

Which distribution software system will your company be implementing? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Kim O'ShaughnessyIFS vs Syspro: Which Distribution ERP Software Is The Winner?

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