Benefits and Insights

Why use Savant WMS?

Key differentiators & advantages of Savant WMS

  • Complete Warehouse Management
    The Savant Warehouse Management System provides a total, comprehensive solution for your warehouse environment. The Savant WMS supports the latest automation in warehouse and supply chain management including; cross-docking, directed put-aways, replenishment of forward picking locations, zone management, zone picking, cycle counting, box building, UCC128 compliant labels, and automated shipping manifests. With the Savant WMS your warehouse operations are streamlined into a highly efficient and productive environment where costs are reduced dramatically

  • Savant’s Affordable Modular Design
    The Savant WMS is completely modular. Each module is priced separately so that you can select the modules that meet your unique warehouse needs today, and incorporate additional modules as needed later.

  • Unrivaled Flexibility and Customization Capabilities
    The Savant WMS was designed for optimum flexibility and customization. The Savant WMS provides setup screens and prompts that give you complete control over your warehouse environment. The VariFlex setup screen enables you to structure your warehouse locations into carefully defined segments. Because the Savant WMS uses industry standard tools, you can easily alter standard reports and labels to meet your business requirements. Using the Savant WMS data dictionary, you also have the ability to add new reports, labels and applications as needed.

  • Real-Time Inventory Management
    Utilizing wireless scanners, devices and barcode symbologies, the Savant WMS provides real-time updates to your inventory, purchasing and order processing applications.

  • Advanced Zone Management
    The Savant WMS uses sophisticated zone structures throughout the system. Each zone can be unique for each type of business process. This enables you to design zones that meet your warehouse objectives.

  • Improved Warehouse Efficiency and Performance
    Quite simply, the Savant WMS improves your organization’s bottom line. The Savant WMS accomplishes this by reducing costly errors, improving overall warehouse staff productivity, eliminating paper work, and streamlining warehouse processes.

  • Enhanced Productivity Tracking and Analysis
    Every transaction that occurs in the warehouse is time and date stamped, and logged in the Savant WMS. This enables the warehouse administrator to quickly resolve issues and improve warehouse operations. Productivity reports can be generated by operator and task type, and trends can be graphed for productivity analysis.

  • True Client/Server and SQL Technology
    The Savant WMS was written from the ground up specifically for Microsoft’s .NET technology. The system incorporates a client/server architecture that provides optimum scalability and distribution across your existing network. All of your warehouse and inventory data is accessible throughout your enterprise using today’s leading desktop tools.