Benefits and Insights

Why use Rootstock?

Key differentiators & advantages of Rootstock

  • Customization: Users can configure the system to adhere to unique business needs. For example, dashboards can be altered to show relevant insights, and users can define elements such as warranties to meet company goals. 
  • Visibility: Rootstock contains dashboards that display company information and metrics across a variety of departments and workflows. For example, users can look at real-time inventory metrics based on elements such as location, serial number and lot number. 
  • Connectivity: This program connects various business workflows in a centralized location. This makes the automation of processes easier and increases data access and productivity. 
  • Accessibility: Rootstock can be deployed through the cloud. This means that the program is available to users from any location and any device, therefore providing more usability and flexibility. 

Industry Expertise

Rootstock is beneficial to companies in a variety of sectors. The vendor highlights its specific capabilities for those in the aerospace, engineering, electronics, machinery, medical, manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries on its website.

Key Features

  • Supply Chain: The supply chain feature in Rootstock is robust and supports aspects such as requisitions, purchase management, material requirements planning, distribution requirements planning and replenishment. The program uses factors such as forecasted demand, reordering point and current supply to automatically plan product replenishment. The solution also generates purchase orders for suppliers automatically and enables users to track orders throughout the purchasing process. 
  • Production: The system includes the ability to generate work orders based on MRP. Users can view work center capacity by factors such as labor or machine hours. The program also supports mixed production modes such as engineer to order, make to order, configure to order and make to stock. The solution enables users to segment manufacturing, inventory and material purchases by the associated project. 
  • Inventory: Rootstock contains customizable cycle counts, detailed inventory transaction information and ABC category analysis. Inventory can be updated online based on factors such as lot number, location and serial number. Users can assign serial numbers to items and use them to track products throughout the fulfillment cycle. Inventory management information is available in real time through this program, and users can access this information from any device or location. 
  • Logistics: The logistics feature includes the ability to look at supply and demand information in a single-screen view. Users can also leverage the tool’s automation of inbound/outbound tracking, shipping, picking and barcode scanning. The system tracks inbound shipments throughout the transit cycle in addition to measuring the content in specific shipping containers. 
  • Financials: Rootstock contains automatic consolidation functionality. It also supports multiple different currencies and multi-company operations. The program accepts various payments through its accounts receivable tool such as cash, checks and credit cards and provides real-time data on cash flow and customer aging information. The system lets users drill down data to view aspects such as purchase orders, receipts and requisitions from operational systems. 
  • Sales Order Processing: This feature allows users to automatically convert quotes and estimates into sales orders. Users can create orders for configured products, stock items, kits and non-product items. Pricing is flexible and can be implemented with discounts based on customer or sales information, pricing by customer and more. 
  • Customer Service: Rootstock enables users to look at the service history for products or customers. It also allows users to manage returns through the creation of Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) from Salesforce service cases, invoices and sales order shippers. Contracts can be developed and linked to customer information to control pricing information. User-defined warranties are also included in the functionality of the program and can be configured with various expiration dates and durations. 

Rootstock Suite Support

Rootstock offers different support plans that differ based on response time, case submission criteria, support hours, severity levels, designated contacts and more. More information on specific offerings can be accessed by reaching out to the vendor directly either through the form submission page on the Rootstock website or by calling 888-524-0123.

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