Benefits and Insights

Why use Office Master System?

Key differentiators & advantages of Office Master System

  • Centralize Operations:  Centralize various aspects of business operations. Track and update data centrally. Measure performance across the board. 
  • Visibility:  Get real-time visibility into business processes, inventory levels, order statuses and financial stats for better planning, decision making and improvements. 
  • Increase Efficiency:  Streamline sales, distribution and accounting workflows. Automate certain activities to free up manual resources and increase overall efficiency. 
  • Boost Revenue:  Maximize revenue through automation, channel management, and demand forecasting. 
  • Electronic Data Interchange:  Cut down paperwork with integrated EDI services to share purchase orders, invoices and more with other systems. 

Industry Expertise

Suited to small- to mid-sized wholesale distribution businesses, Office Master System had decades of experience. Integrated with 180 major trading partners, it serves thousands of businesses worldwide to manage both B2B and B2C operations.

Key Features

  • Inventory and Warehouse Management:  Manage inventories and stock movement at multiple warehouses and sales channels with real-time stock-level alerts, lot control and inventory adjustments. Track items with precision through serial or lot numbers. Get complete visibility and control over material resource planning. 
  • Order Management:  Automate order processing and fulfillment for multiple channels, complete with picking and routing, backorder management, payment processing and more. 
  • Products and Catalogue Management:  Create, update, manage and track individual products, product variations, kits and catalogs with details such as images, prices, promotions and discounts. 
  • Forecasting:  Track demand of individual inventory items through accurate forecasting with past sales trends and patterns, inventory stock levels and customer behavior patterns. Generate automatic repurchase and replenishment orders to maintain optimum stock levels at all times. 
  • Vendor Management:  Invite quotes from multiple vendors simultaneously to choose suitable suppliers and save time and money. 
  • Procurement and Purchasing:  Visualize the purchasing workflow. Create automated purchase orders. Audit suppliers. Manage quotations and reorders. Manage supplier negotiations and sourcing in real-time. 
  • Returns and Exchanges:  Streamline reverse logistics to simplify returns and track exchanges. Reduce overall costs and time to maintain healthy business processes and positive customer experiences. 
  • Shipping Management:  Manage shipping through e-commerce, courier and 3PL integrations. Auto-generate shipments for incoming and outgoing orders. Track end-to-end shipment progress. Get notifications for goods received, delivery status, payment and reconcile courier statements. 
  • Production Management:  Manage production and assembly through simple and mixed production modes — make to order, make to stock, configure to order and more. Track jobs and activities by labor or associated project. Measure production costs by material time and resources to optimize specific segments. 
  • Customer Management:  Store and manage customer data such as contact information, buying patterns, past interactions and more centrally to deliver better customer experiences. 
  • Financial Management: : Manage general ledgers, manage accounts receivable and accounts payable, bank reconciliations, taxes, invoicing and billing centrally. 
  • Reporting and Analytics:  Get data-rich insights into business operations. Create, export and share customized reports. Use analytical insights to identify problem areas and develop solutions to enhance productivity, minimize losses and boost sales. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Too many steps for printing orders 
  •  Occasional data outages are reported 
  •  Support comes at an additional cost 
  •  Invoice feature can be improved 

Office Master System Suite Support

Office Master System offers support to its users via phone and email from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Pacific Time)
mail_outlineEmail: Users can reach support experts by emailing them at [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can reach support experts by phone at +1-626-821-0882.
schoolTraining: Documentation and in-person training is offered.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit their concerns and issues via email. All issues are addressed within one business day.