Benefits and Insights

Why use Iptor?

Key differentiators & advantages of Iptor

  • Improve Inventory Efficiency: Iptor enables efficient inventory management for its users, along with online and offline value-added service processes to stand out, differentiate and increase revenue. 
  • Optimize Supply Chain Management: With Iptor, users can extend accurate forecasting and supplier collaboration to achieve lower inventory costs. These features minimize lead time and purchase costs while improving cash flow.  
  • Provide Customer Delight: With optimized stock levels through smart demand, supply and distribution planning, Iptor helps its users improve customer service.  
  • Unlimited Flexibility: Iptor offers unlimited flexibility to its users with custom rules for multi-currency, multi-country, multi-warehouse, multi-client and multi-accounting options.  
  • End-To-End Transparency: With Iptor, users can integrate and automate the entire business process into one comprehensive system that minimizes user error and provides complete real-time visibility.  
  • Seamless Integrations: Iptor offers an open and flexible integration technology to enable users to seamlessly connect end-to-end systems and cloud landscapes for better operations.  
  • Mobile Accessibility: Iptor provides a consistent user experience across platforms and devices so that relevant information and functionality is accessible everywhere at any time.  

Industry Expertise

Iptor is best suited for small to mid-sized wholesale distribution businesses.

Key Features

  • Inventory and Distribution: Iptor offers real-time visibility of end-to-end goods handling processes — in the warehouse, across warehouses and on the assembly line.  
  • Project Management: Iptor helps its users manage projects from definition to delivery, keeping costs down with control of project-based purchase orders and invoices while linking each element to a cost code.  
  • Advanced Warehouse and Operation Management: Users can exercise complete control over manufacturing and distribution inventory tracking, processes management and reporting, with included warehouse management functionalities. Iptor also supports vendor managed inventory, make to order, direct line feed, supply-in-line sequence and reverse logistics.  
  • Purchasing Management: Iptor enables its users to automate and streamline fundamental purchasing processes through a configurable and intuitive workflow engine.  
  • Intelligent Cash Flow Management: With Iptor, ­­users can maintain financial visibility and control with planning, forecasting, simulation and information management in a multi-company environment. These features enable aggregated forecasts at the group level and drill down to the individual company basis.  
  • Sales Management: Iptor offers functionality controls to its users for every process and sub-process that drives the sales department. These features include intelligent order entry and numerous automated, auditable processes.  
  • Quality Control: With Iptor, users can procure quality control reports during the manufacturing process, at manufacturing reception or for stock items, based on conformity groupings.  
  • Performance Management: Iptor offers a comprehensive KPI based platform, combined with a robust, analytic environment to build business intelligence reports and track group-wide or individual-level performance in a multi-company environment.  

Iptor Suite Support

Iptor offers support to its users through phone and web-based support portal.
mail_outlineEmail: Iptor does not offer email support to its users.
phonePhone: Iptor has seven regional customer support contact centers, one each for the Netherlands, Finland, Europe, Nordics, USA, Australia and Singapore. Users can call these contact centers to reach support experts in case of an emergency or escalation.
schoolTraining: Iptor prefers documentation for onboarding and training of its users. However, users can also request in-person training.
local_offerTickets: Users can go to Iptor’s web-based customer support portal to raise a ticket using their login credentials. Once a ticket is raised, the support experts respond to it depending on the priority order and severity of the issue.